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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Since that very first moment when the Black Being lost our Divinity, we have been wandering aimless in the wilderness of the Human Being mind, a Mind that prevent Black people from doing an empirical self analysis of the Black Life attitude and behavior, which should serve as a Divine indicator of the quality of Mind that Black people now have as our Guide and yet should not have to lead the Black Life, a Mind that prevent Black people from Thinking Divinely, meaning in Harmony, Order, and is in Balance, with the attitude and behavior that is of the liken of our physical Universe, that Action of which all Life is a part of, though strange as it may seem, of how different we act and behave from that action of the Universe, which serve as a sign we nolonger have our Divine Mind present in our Life.

    It take a confident Mind, while in the presence and under the control of the Human Being Mind, to acknowledge the Life flaws that now infect the Black way of believing, a process of dictated thought that carry no requirement of Profound Reasoning.

    It is the Pretentious fool that can not with stand the Divine Truth, concerning our ignorance about God, Universe, and our Black selves, the Black fool rather pretend that all is well in the way we Black folks have been conditioned to pretend about our Life attitude and behavior, a mental action driven by the urges of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, principles that sustain the evil vain selfish profile of the Black Afrikan Human Being, now in possession of a Mind that has the Black World in the present state of Life Living, we now observe of our Life condition today, a Reality that does defy Time, but Reality does in fact verify what Time has not Changed, because only Divine Reality has such power, and Black people are without what is required to generate such powerful action, it being the Divine Mind.

    The Black so call intellectual, they become fighting mad about the fact that the Divine Truth has come and is now serving as a Mirror that show up the Hypocrisy of those that move among us, portraying themselves to be great believers, worthy of Honor and Respect, simply because the Human Being has sanction the Black so call intellectuals to serve as the Black leadership over the Black World, requiring that those claimed intellectuals be recognize by the way the Human Being has allowed them to be projected before the Black World, giving off the image of Success based on the Economic Status and quantity and quality of material goods, that are in their possession, they are molded now as an expert Liar and Deceiver of Black People, in behalf of the Human Being, our know oppressors.

    So the question is, what is it that Black Folks are doing, if what is being done is not an action that will secure the Liberation of the Black Mind and save the Life of the Black World, because if such is not the Black objective, then the Black intellectual so call Leadership prevail, they do so by assisting the Human Being in the continued orientation of the Mind of Black people, we of all level of Life attitudinal Behavioral action, with the sought after effect being the present state of Life condition of the Black World today.

    For approximately Ten Thousand Years, Black people have been doing whatwe do best, nothing in our behalf, yet in certain intervals of our Life action, the doing of our Ancient Ancestors, caused a reunification of the Black world from Time to time and then the Black world is given cause to fall again, so here we are today, Black people in a fell state of life misery, now Black folks being busy doing what, because for over Two thousand years, the doing of Black people is not what Black Folks need to be doing in order to reclaim a Mind that will instill an action that will be in defense of the Black Life, with an objective to save the Black Life from the present Living condition, that which the Black Life live today in the world, a Life collectively in dire need to be saved.

    Black folks Meet, hold conferences, seminars and all other sorts of gathering and the question is, what are you doing it for, if what you are doing is not to reclaim your Divine Mind and do what is necessary to save the Black Life and take it home to the sacred land of our Ancient Mothers and Fathers.

    So, we are at a point in our Black Life that require Black folks get going and do allow the going get tough in that which is needed for us to do, in order to reclaim our Divine Mind, and to save our Black Life, because all else other than that, serve to the benefit of the Human Being, and to the detriment of the Black Life.

    Black intellectuals are satisfied in just smelling the aroma of Freedom, Justice, and Independence and is addicted to being in association with those that experience Justice, Freedom, and Independence, they who have a History of oppressing Black People, so what are you doing, if what you are doing is not to secure our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, with the intent to return our Enslaved Ancestors back Home and the Children of the Middle passage to become the next State in Afrika, with a goal to assist in bringing about the Reunification of the Black World and the Sacred Land, Afrika.

    It is Time for Black People to reclaim our Divine Mind so that we may come to Think about Saving the Black Life, with the intent to do what is required of Black people in order to save the Black Life from the evil in the World, which has targeted the Black World for destruction, yet the Black intellectual take such obvious evidence to be a made up claim, while the Life of the Black world is taking its last Breath, Black people are not doing that which need to be done to reclaim our Divine Mind and to save our Life.

    The Divine Mind prompt you to do what need to be done to save the Black Life, The Human being Mind cause You to Refrain From Doing What Need To Be Done and it is That which Is In The Best Interest Of The Black World.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief elder
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    When we are not doing what It is we need to do, we are absolutely no earthly, Universal and Nature good.