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    What the Historians thought of Christianity @ the Time it was written?
    By Andre Austin
    “Flavius Vespasian, a general of Nero's appointment, was carrying on the war in Judaea with three legions, and he had no wish or feeling adverse to Galba. He had in fact sent his son Titus to acknowledge his authority and bespeak his favor, as in its proper place I shall relate. As for the hidden decrees of fate, the omens and the oracles that marked out Vespasian and his sons for imperial power, we believed in them only after his success”-Roman Historian Tacitus
    In a strange way poet/playwright Christopher Marlowe piggy-backed upon Tacitus and said:
    “Christians…were never thought upon till Titus and Vespasian conquered us…”-The Jews of Malta Act II, Scene III. In 1593 the Christians in London killed Marlowe for overtly sating this and other statements against Christianity. His lover Emilia Bassano ghost/covertly wrote Shakespeare’s plays and flipped the scrip especially in Titus Andronius where Titus eats the cannibal pie instead of the Jews.
    Writings like this from historians: Tacitus, Josephus, Suetonius & poets helped transform Vespasian & Titus into Jewish Messiahs grafted/pruned themselves to be worshiped substituting their names for the title “Christ Jesus”. So the fox has changed his fur, but not his nature.
    The three legions were known as 3 loves in the New Testament:
    “Friend, lend me three loaves…Now suppose one of you fathers is asked by his son for a Fish; he will not give him a snake instead of a fish, will he? Or if he is asked for an egg, he will not give him a Scorpion, will he? (Luke 11:5-12.
    The scorpion was the Roman nickname for the artillery piece the Ballista. It catapults circular stones resembling eggs. The nickname of these Roman Generals/ later Emperors:
    1. Vespasian, the father “The Wasp” because of the sting he inflicted upon the Jews. He is also known as the “Fisherman’s boot” war injury in foot. NT spits in eyes heals lame=John 9:6 is Vespasian’s cameo appearance in the NT.
    2. Titus “ Son of the Wasp” & AKA the NT “Son of Man” “Forger of all time” he also suffered permanent injury in his left arm. These two injuries of the two wasps helped fuel the hatred towards militant Jews with their revenge literature of Christianity
    3. Domitian “The wicked spirit” known as Lucifer & the Red dragon forcing women to abort children. Attempts to mask his self as a Christ-Lamb by wearing Roman wigs made of lamb’s wool=another fox fur mask. Has hammer toes known as bronze feet in NT. He also cast whores he tricks with onto a “Bed of suffering” and kills her children (Rev 2:22-23). Now you think this is Jesus or Domitian?
    This is the Catholic Trinity, above three were successors to the Title “Christ Jesus”, just like successive Popes take the Title Vicar or “Pontiff Maxims”=Bridge Builder/Chief Priest. So by the time Revelations is written the two wasp are dead and Domitian is the New Christ.
    When Titus catapults stone/eggs from the Scorpion Ballista the Jews cry out: “The Son cometh”. This seemed as a mistake and should have said Stone not Son Why because Titus was known as the son. Meanwhile the Jews were able to see these stones because they were white in the night until the Romans painted them black (War of the Jews [WOJ] 5, 6, 269-273). This whole incident is recorded in Luke 19:35-42:
    “He answered and said to them, I tell you that if these should keep silent, the Stones would immediately cry out…but now they are hidden from your eyes”.
    This is direct commentary on the War that went on for 7 years 66AD-73AD.. These two satires about the Scorpion egg and the crying stones that go from seen to unseen are just a few of the many parodies and spoofs linking the NT DNA with the War of the Jews, the 5th Gospel and foundation of the Black comedy. But the war reaches its climax when Christians are made fools into symbolically eating human flesh in Remembrance of Titus forcing the Jews into famine and cannibalism. The Eucharist is the Victory dinner of Rome over the Jews in ritual & ceremony something like “All-fools day”=services and prayers for the dead. Combine those two together what U got the NT. After all the word Gospels mean “Good news of military Victory”. Who won the fight? And nobody thought of linking up Mary’s half eaten child in the WOJ with Isaiah 44 half eaten Idol/God going backwards from wise to foolish to the Eucharist, All Fools day, St Peter’s Feast and Osiris (El-Ausar-Us) penis being eaten by a Nile fish being part of the reason Pythagoras abstains from Fish only when hit with famine and can count 153 from a Net like Jesus in John 21 paying the ransom for their freedom see Q 8 of his Symposiacs
    Notes Tacitus gets specific terms and definitions from Josephus War of the Jews about Fate, Omens and Oracles applying to Vespasian and Titus:
    A. “…he (Vespasian) had not arrived at the government without Divine providence, but a righteous kind of fate had brought the Empire under his power” WOJ 4, 10, 622
    B. “What did the most to induce the Jews to start this war was an ambiguous oracle that was also found in their sacred writings, how, about that time, one from their country should become governor of the habitable earth. The Jews took this prediction to belong to themselves in particular, and many of the wise men were thereby deceived in their determination. Now this oracle certainly denoted the dynasty of Vespasian, who was appointed emperor in Judea (WOJ 6, 5, 312-313)
    C. “There had spread over all the orient an old and established belief, that it was fated for men coming from Judea to rule the world. This prediction, referring to the emperor of Rome-as afterwards appeared from the event the people of Judea took to themselves” Suetonius, Life of Vespasian, 4-5
    I will end this piece from another Quote from Tacitus that was similar to the start of this essay:
    D. The majority (of the Jews) were convinced that the ancient scriptures of their priests alluded to the present as the very time when the Orient would triumph and from Judea would go forth men destined to rule the world. This mysterious prophecy really referred to Vespasian and Titus, but the common people, true to the selfish ambitions of mankind, thought that this exalted destiny was reserved for them, and not even their (Jews) calamities opened their eyes to the truth” Tacitus Histories 5:13.
    Flavian Christianity was the bases for today’s Roman Christianity is a logical one. Clemens, the son of Titus sister Flavia Domitilla was Pope Clemens the first, the Pope who, according to Jerome was ordained by Peter himself before they threw him off a rock cliff and put upside down on a cross. All the first Saints of Christianity came from the Flavian family members not the apostles. Recall, it was Flavian Constantine who made it a state religion a couple of hundred years after their death. They were all key to the foundation of Rabbinical Judaism and Christianity, the watered down Judaism a tool to pacifism, tax paying and submitting to slavery and feudalism. The X shaped crucifix the early Christians wore on their vestment. This was the original crucifix of Christianity and it symbolized the Tenth X legion who crucified the real Christians who against Rome colonizing their country in Israel.