Black People : What Drive Black People To Be A Fragmented People

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    ON BEHALF OF Chief Osiris who is having problems posting on Destee

    Hotel Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    If you are Black and have not re tapped back into your Divine Mind,
    then you are not qualified to understand things that are Divine and
    that even include the Self of Black people, even though those who
    desire to appear to be intelligent and know what Divine information
    is conveying to Black People, it be those with selfish profane wants
    who want to appear intelligent and it be those Black People who
    attempt to challenge Divine information with only a profane
    education base as set by the Human Being and such an effort from
    such a distorted base, only end up revealing how ignorant the critic
    of such Divine information really is about that we know nothing
    about Divinely so..

    The thing that drive Black People to remain a fragmented people is
    the power of Fear and such Fear is not the normal Fear, you know
    like taking chances that might put your Life in danger of being
    injured, that even come to Death, no beloved, Black People life is
    constantly in danger and we die every day, even by our own hand, so
    what other kind of Fear am I making Reference to, well it is a Fear
    most Black People have been conditioned to respond to.

    Beloved, every since this dominant Fear has been planted into every
    level of the belief processes of the New Black people Mind, a Human
    Being mind that now control the attitude and behavior of Black
    People, the lowly mind that determine the character and personality
    of Black People today.

    Now you have some Black People among us that is so Mental
    Traumatized to the extent that they no longer believe anything about
    ourselves that is deserving to be respected and we act and behave in
    such a way that cause us Black Folks to be able to slaughter and
    butcher Black People all of the Time, if no more for just out of the
    Evil spite that run in the Mind of a no Thinking Black New Human
    Being, such actionable behavior is very prevalent in Black Tribal
    Afrikans and it is that type of Black behavior that serve to reveal
    to us Black people, that there are some Black People that have been
    reduced to perform as a controlled sleeper, Black Manchurian
    Candidates, operating under a Mind that is totally controlled by the
    programmers of such an Evil Mind, and it is such a Black Mind that
    is more evil than those that do the programming.

    So you see, when you are confronted with an Evil Black Sleeper,
    programmed to do evil against Black People, they are reduced to be a
    mental cloned Devil, Satan, a Lucifer that is more potent than any
    evil white , Arab, Jewish People are, against Black People.

    Beloved, even our Black Children are being turned into young
    sleepers, young Manchurian Candidates and is guided to turn such
    evil action toward themselves, all of this type of a profane Human
    Being Behavior serve to cause Black People to be a Fragmented
    People, having no concern of love for the Children and for us to
    remain as a fragmented people, cause us to have not the desire to
    undo what is Killing the Black World, young and aged, and what
    prevent Black People in general to remain desensitized against the
    evil ways of Black People and our child like behavior toward our
    oppressors, is that we no longer operate in control of our Divine
    Mind, which is the root cause of such a suicide Mentality Black
    people now have and such a mentality is what cause the rooted Fear
    of God in the Black Human Being, which is planted by the religion of
    the oppressors of Black People, such is a Divine Truth that Black
    People are conditioned to deny and criticize as being untrue, yet
    having no other explanation to describe our Human Being attitude and
    Behavior, which now cause the Black Nation to be an extremely
    fragmented Nation, evilly divided against itself.

    Beloved,You can not do such an empirical objective analysis of
    ourselves and ourselves being Black, because we do not wear the
    quality of Mind that will give us the Mental power to see our Black
    selves as we have become, and we can not see the evil thereof within
    us and we can not do so, because it take a Divine Mind to meet such
    a qualification to be able see what we once were, as opposed to what
    we have become today, because it require such a deep insight of your
    once Divine Self.

    So in order to be able to see the difference we Black people have
    become in our attitude and behavior and what prevent Black People
    from learning of and desiring our Divine Mind back, is the Fear of
    God, as so been instilled within us with the Mind we now operate
    under, and that Mind belong to the Human Being, a description Black
    folks have been conditioned to adopt as being us Black once Divine
    Beings and we now do so without question, as if that description
    came right out of the mouth of God him self, and and beloved it did,
    and that God being of the make up of the Caucasian, Arab, and Jewish
    People, a people that have a history of abusing and oppressing Black
    People, so much so, to the extent that we have become the most
    fragmented People in the World and we are proud of such Mental

    Tell me beloved, you Black people with such a fierce laden Fear of a
    God planted in your Believing process, how do you expect your Mind
    became as it is today, it being a programmed Want to go live with
    this Human Being God in heaven, that is, if you be good by the
    established standards created by the Human Being.

    Do you not know that such mental degeneration mean that you must
    remain submissive to do everything that the Human Being tell Black
    People to do, in the name of their made up God, with features of
    themselves, as you are to act and behave to be the Human Being God
    children, so tell me, is it not a fact that Black People action,
    when in the presence of our oppressors, is as a Child like behavior?

    Only a Black fool will disagree with these Divine Truths I have laid
    out before you Black People, with such Divine Truth serving as a
    mirror reflection of our attitude and behavior, which we now
    display, causing us to be a Fragmented Black People and such
    weakness bring no shame upon us Black People.

    You see, when someone doing Evil and is not able to be made ashame
    of that evil action that is done by the person displaying such a
    behavior, then such serve as a sign that the Shameless Mind is so
    corrupted to the extent that the evil being portrayed, is believed
    by the evil one doing the evil, to be a righteous act to perform,
    and more Time than not, the performance is against the self of Black
    People, the sign of a deep sleeping Manchurian Candidate, a Black
    Ethnic groups made to become so fragmented Black Nation.

    So, Black People prey upon ourselves, bringing about internal
    destruction, as we believe we be doing the will of God, gaining an
    opportunity to a seat in heaven, with the other option being a
    painful punishment in God Hell, eternally so, thus the laden Fear
    that guide the present Black World to remain passive toward our
    oppressors, in our Time of Life sorrow and Mental Pain, causing the
    Body life to live in misery.

    As long as Black folks remain a prisoner of the oppressors Religion,
    guided by the Fear it conjure up inside of you by a flawed religious
    doctrine, the Black World will remain to tumble into the abyss of
    our own ignorance about God, Universe, and our Black Selves, a
    recipe for the destruction of the Black World, because the Religious
    Fear that now drive Black People, such prevent Black people from
    desiring to ever be Free again, because in our Evil Human Being
    Mind, we say, Black Folks are already Free, and to live such an evil
    Lie, serve to be the mental prison, in where the Divine Mind is

    So without the Black Divine Mind operating Freely, the Black Body
    has no Divine Guide and without a Divine Guide, the path the Black
    World is guided to follow, is the Path our Human Being Mind now
    guide us to follow, and we do so as Sheep being led to be
    Slaughtered, such is the action Black Folks Life is now
    experiencing, while we now attempt to sound so militant inform and
    self aware to the point we now cry out that Black People need no
    Divine Guidance, no Master Teacher, no Divine Leadership and such a
    cry carry the sound of the ignorance that now cause the Black World
    to be in the condition it now is in and Black folks are in the
    present condition we now suffer from, because of a lack of Divine

    As long as Black People remain without a Movement for the Liberation
    of Afrika and the Black Afrikan People, collectively so, with a goal
    to bring about the Reunification of the Black Nation, in Afrika, we
    Black People will continue to be a Fragmented People, driven by the
    Fear of the oppressors God, A Fear that prevent us from reclaiming
    our Divine Mind, which is a mentality that is extremely needed, that
    is if Afrika and a Divided Black Nation is to ever be Liberated from
    the Fetters of this Evil Human Being World, and it is such a world
    that maintain its power by provoking Fear of God into the Mind of
    Black People and the World in general.

    As long as the Black World, fragmented it is, as long as such a
    Black World remain without the Divine Wisdom that will give the
    Knowledge and Understanding about the Divine True significance of
    Reparation. Repatriation and an independent established State in
    Afrika for the Children of the Middle Passage, we Black people will
    remain to be mentally programmed to act toward each other with vain
    Ego, envy, Jealousy and being an expert in lying and deceiving each
    other, as we wait on God heaven to open up to receive such Black
    weakness of evil iniquity and we claim to be in wonderment as to why
    there is no Divine Change to have come to our Black Life..

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Are No Longer Qualified to Accept The
    Divine Truth and Black Folks Suffer From Such Disqualification.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    www.fwiamsrm. com
    [email protected]
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    Your post speaks of a fear that has become entrenched within the minds and soul and culture of Black people. I share that belief and that we have also become our worse enemies from lack of knowledge, education and leadership. Your post speaks of an urgent call for self awareness, separation from what we've been taught and embrace a divine leadership. I agree that fear and ignorance are decimating the Black culture among other maligning elements. We first must understand who we are individually emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Once that process has begun to take shape maybe we can move towards a divine leadership. ..... I remember T.D.Jakes making this profound statement during one of his sermons. He said and I'm paraphrasing, ( everyone was not meant to go where you are going and you can't take them all with you. Sometimes you are meant to make the journey by yourself. ) Hopefully others will see and decide to follow. Just my thoughts.....Thank you for insightful post....