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Apr 7, 2013
...look like at this time?

Before Christ's return, Tribulation starts in small measure and continues growing until all the wicked are removed off this planet. Knowing that God is Just, what would bring the Lord out at this time with great Wrath?

Would it be a cause of immoral acceptance by our society and around the world? I will ask you. Is marriage a holy vow to be taken seriously? Why is there a man and a woman being part of the Eternal plan? Why is this a design to bring forth children?

Heavenly Father's purpose is to give us our bodies for further development and glory for all his children -- He is the Father of our spirits. When we die,"Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was; and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it." Ecclesiastes 12: 7.

So now, tell me about the Democrats' great "progressive" acceptance that slaying a living child that is "laying wrapped in a blanket" or otherwise waiting for the doctor on the mother's word to put it to death, wouldn't that make the Lord grind his teeth together at the thought?

Before we all were born to physical bodies upon the earth "the morning stars (daughters) sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy" at the very thought we'd all be born to earth for our further knowledge, being given temporal bodies to go forward to glory and happiness .

The lord understands emergencies, where medical procedures are necessary to save a woman from dire conditions that threatens her own life. But that is never a situation of a baby already or about to be born or a situation where a "C" section would remedy safety for the woman and even safety for the baby, to be given for adoption to bless a couple desiring their own child.

Also the Lord is forgiving, but the baby ready to survive outside the womb he loves like he loves the mother. Don't forget "The Lord knew Jeremiah, and he was sanctified and ordained to be a prophet before he was born." Jeremiah 1: 4 - 5.
The question is: What would bring the Lord in with great wrath? This is only about the Lord's point of view. I could be discreet and not say anything with my opinion. You know live and let live. Don't make waves. But, is the Lord discreet and doesn't want to make waves?

How does he feel about this? Okay I admit to watching, which may be considered Chick-let, a TV series called Pretty Little Liars their last season. For a couple years they didn't make any more after that. It was a very popular show. They had a gay presence of a girl that seemed reasonable, because there was a reality to her personal struggle. She was accepted by the viewers because she contributed to her friends and an actual story line in an empathetic way. She never changed, she was the gay friend, sometimes we met her girlfriend.

There is a new series started on the twentieth of this month, and it started out with that guy couple making out, being slammed up against the wall aggressively ending up entwined in sheets.

Add to that the heterosexual couple in position not so intwined in sheets. What the heck?! (Don't be asking me the channel.) :) Close the dang door! I don't want to walk through anyone's house and run into that.

It came on at 9:00 in the evening, so they evidently thought the kids would be in bed. But what about the kids over ten? Whose teaching them? A lot of TV.

Remember I said that on Good Morning America they were having eleven year old boys dressed as Drag Queens. The four days ago on channel 7 news they were spotlighting Drag Queens reading stories to the little kids. Is that a kind and noble thing reading stories to little kids or a teaching moment. If these men love little kids and wanted to read to them, then why not come in their everyday or work cloths? It's another planned move to reconstruct society and the minds of the youth.

While the Lord loves individuals and considers their good qualities, does he want the children of the earth converted to practices the scripture teach against. For when the earth is ripe with rebellion against Christ, the wicked will turn upon the wicked and destruction shall war upon their own heads. Revelation 18.

What chance do children have for their own spiritual understanding and growth, when there is outrageous evil being instilled by radical teachers in school and nanny TV?

The push for and win of a Socialist America will result in a totalitarian government in 2020. All other totalitarian governments have obliterated freedom and morality, starting with the tiniest little spot in the U.S., slaying full term babies. The new Socialist democrats have stated they think this is so okay including students having been systematically groomed by their Socialist/Communist teachers and professors.

Anything done to help achieve the goal of bringing about their vision becomes justified, including the murder of children and other citizens, including Euthanizing old folks starting in the State of Washington a couple years ago. Do these poor old darlings know that is what's going to happen to them? Do they feel they are unwanted and they just give in? Are they manipulated? It is another step with evil.

Just know there is no such thing as a Democratic Socialist because that is a notion divided against it's self. Socialism becomes a mandate. It will bankrupt us. "A nation divided against itself is brought to desolation." God. Matt.12: 25.

Therefore, when you see "the abomination of desolation -- stand in the holy place." Your own righteousness. And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."

Even if you ask a Christian, most will say it will be twenty to fifty years before Christ returns. So already they are saying, "He delayeth his return."


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