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What Does This Community Mean To You?

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Aug 11, 2003
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Sep 29, 2005
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MzBlkAngel said:
This community means a lot to me. The love and respect is a plus.
I was lead here, because I have never been in a community/forum let alone a chat room.

But seems like I been here forever!!! Since day one… Shoot And aint been here a full year yet and aint leaving!!!! :wink:

I can’t say its beyond words, what means to me. The love and just the sharing alone, is a lot. opens up so many levels of thinking, creativity, and growth for our people. To learn share and just be you.

encouragement, support, respect, with the love up in here is outstanding!!!! And I am glad I can witness it and speak on it first hand.

When my uncle pass says enough bout the wonderful ppl here. I don’t know what I would of done, with out my Destee family Triniti, Destee, Rich, Khasm, Money, and Python support with NNQUEEN guidance thank you. If I have not said this..And if I had oh well thank you again..:)..without yall i would be further half pass crazy now...:lol:

So for me its more then just a community..its my destee family!!!!!


Oh wait …I learn how to ramble too…:lol:…i had a great teacher..QQ..well teachers...:)

Mz Angel...hey!...


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Hi Sister,
Miss you so much I hope all is well with you and yours!!
Love and Blessings!! :heart: :heart:
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Hi, Queenie. Love your posts. Even though I don't you, you must be some kind of remarkable and lovely person. Lets keep in touch.