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What Does This Community Mean To You?

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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Hello Family,

This community is a dream come true for me. From the moment i stumbled onto the Internet, i saw the potential for us having our own community. A place for us, by us, and about us ... positive, uplifting, peaceful, and relaxed. A refuge from the assaults we face daily, a place where we get to simply be ourselves.

So for me, it is a dream come true.

What does this community mean to you?

Thanks for sharing.



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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
what this community means to me is beyond words
nothing can compare to all i have learned here and how i love and most def a wonder land where i can come and
release daily enjoy friends and feel free from stress write and
comfort others as well this community is the best place i've ever
walked into and now only death do us part ! i am a life time member
and wouldn't trade for nothing or no other place
it means where i can come and share laughter / sorrow / pain / heal
it opens up so many different avenues for me and i love to gether with
my people open minded and in this community you fine this and how others
care this place means so much i can't even really tell you all because it will
take me a years to express it all but one thing i'll do nothing to hurt it and
will do all i can to protect it at all cost i love this community can't you tell!!!


Well-Known Member
Jul 2, 2003
( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
(RF) Technician
Well that is hard to say.. it does mean a lot to me

I agree with you Destee and $$Rich$$.

Where I see a slight difference is it's " a place where we get to simply be ourselves."

We know some come in rough from places across the United States.

But thats the family of America. Even a ruff neck fellow likes to hug someone and be hugged. Wants accolades from those they communicate with and hang out with.

Many come, and find they need to change. ( just enough to drop the mask. ) What they quickly realize is that this is a place to grow, be creative and contribute to something bigger and more than themselves. Change is good. Just enough to get along, promote harmony, and curb all rough edges.

" most def a wonder land where i ( we ) can come and
release daily enjoy friends and feel free from stress write and
comfort others as well this community "

your absolutely correct here $$RICH$$

This community promotes positive forward thinking, if you want to be a part of it's existance. YOU MUST FIND WITHIN YOURSELF A BALANCE FROM TRADITIONAL THINKING. Traditional thinking is going with the crowd, cooperating just to fit in, and often playing others down to lift yourself up.

Well I'll tell you it's not tolerated here. :nono: Everyone on the web has been in a chat room and know you have to get along, to get it on. Unlike a chat room this place is expanded into more than that. Yes we have chat, and that too is a wonderful place to spend your days or nights.

This is a place for me where during the day if I get a thought and become overwhelm with an emotion. I can flow in here, jot that down, read some of the other wonderful folws posted here and comment.

I know DESTEE is here for me to release that idea and thought a story or news. It's a wonderful thing. If you spend a half hour here, even less if your eyes wide open, you will know within minutes. THIS PLACE ROCKS! have fun Family.

It's hard being positive, experts have proven being negative is simplier, and more acepatable in this present day world. You recieve praise quicker, and from many faster. But we know that is false LOVE and ADMIRATION. :smokin:


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
indeed HODEE u really expressed it well
c'mon family let us know what u think and have to say
about this community DESTEE.COM define ya emotion here .


Well-Known Member
Mar 26, 2004
high school student
This community means a lot to me and has helped me to grow in many ways.The love and encouragement here is unbelievable...and to think I thought my writing was boo boo...not here you all have helped me and I just want to say it's a big part of my everyday routine almost :huh:
This community means a lot to me and Destee you get the greatest applause for creating it:wave::wink:


Well-Known Member
Aug 26, 2003
somewhere ova da rainbow....
This community means a lot to me. The love and respect is a plus.
I was lead here, because I have never been in a community/forum let alone a chat room.

But seems like I been here forever!!! Since day one… Shoot And aint been here a full year yet and aint leaving!!!! :wink:

I can’t say its beyond words, what means to me. The love and just the sharing alone, is a lot. opens up so many levels of thinking, creativity, and growth for our people. To learn share and just be you.

encouragement, support, respect, with the love up in here is outstanding!!!! And I am glad I can witness it and speak on it first hand.

When my uncle pass says enough bout the wonderful ppl here. I don’t know what I would of done, with out my Destee family Triniti, Destee, Rich, Khasm, Money, and Python support with NNQUEEN guidance thank you. If I have not said this..And if I had oh well thank you again..:)..without yall i would be further half pass crazy now...:lol:

So for me its more then just a community..its my destee family!!!!!


Oh wait …I learn how to ramble too…:lol:…i had a great teacher..QQ..well teachers...:)


Well-Known Member
May 29, 2004

This word summarizes very well what this community is for me!With all of u,i've found a new family!When bitterness comes and no one have the time for me,i know that i just have to come...and to open my heart!Here i have found buddies,friends,brothers n sisters n now...a girl that i'm luvin'!
If i can say one thing concerning my feelings here,i can stay "start from scratch,new oxygen,new world full of luv n hope conserning the future".
I'm so glad to be here n i'm so happy!No matter ur age,ur race,ur mind,here u accept us as we really are,u show to us that u r by oursides!
Thank u destee,from the deep of my heart

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