Chief Elder Osiris : What Does One Half of America Mania over Obama Mean?

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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    So tell me, are we not at a time of Enlightenment, meaning a change in the way we have been believing in the past dispensation of Time about the events that took place in the Arie an Dispensation of time that promoted belief over Thinking, a mental process that kept the mind submissive to all that was taught from the mind of those few people that control the world?

    The Universe has now moved into the dispensation of Time that cause not confusion but enlightenment to those minds that are prepared to be informed by knowing and not believing about The Divine Essence,(GOD) Both Universe, and Thyself, the Trinity that constitute Divine Truth and Reality, it is called this solar system dispensation of Aquarius, Time for the reawakening of the believers into the age of enlightenment.

    So the event that is unfolding right before our eyes caused by the installed messianic belief by Black people about Obama, he who has a hypnotic effect upon a percentage of the world and upon the Black world in particular, Obama by the Black World has been given to be the Black Messiah, a savior that has come to bring secular change to the world, a world clearly divided with mixed feeling and belief about Obama.

    Yet the Racist Nazi like America Media continue to feed the propaganda to the Black world concerning Obama by implying that Obama will bring the change to America Black people hope and hunger for, but if America had wanted to change its evil spirit toward Black people, America could have caused the same change that the Black world is depending upon Obama to bring a long Time ago, a change that would have been so glorious and appropriate to Black folks wishing and hopeful mind.

    But that was not meant to be the case to do for America, so now, not until America show respect to our Enslaved Ancestors by honoring payment of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, not until then will America be considered by the Children Of The Middle Passage for exoneration and vindication.

    Not until then will America be released from having a responsibility to Black People in America and will indicate that America has met its responsibility to render justice to our Enslaved Ancestors and thus unto their children, an action by America that would have offered a Divine and not a religious repentance to our Enslaved Ancestors and their children for the way America Enslaved innocent Black Afrikan People and raped the mind of Black people.

    So now because Obama has been allowed to be selected to be president of America, the demand for our Enslaved Ancestors justice no longer hold merit, just because Obama has been allowed to come before the world by the evil forces that control the world and now Black Folks are proclaiming that Obama by his selection to be America President, his presence has wiped away all past acts of evil by America against the Black World and now America evil toward the Black World is not to be mention again by Black People.

    No longer should we be allowed to point out America past spirit against the Black World, it being an America evil past history against Black people and the cry now by many Afrikan Americans Melting Pot dwellers is to let go and forget about the past because Obama Change require everybody to look forward and to look no longer at the past Lives of Black People and the horrible condition our lives still live that is still caused by the evil of America because America in this now proclaimed changed world today is not to be any longer held accountable to the evil that has been perpetrated against Black People ant more..

    Beloved, if that is your Black Mind spirit now that Obama has come, then Black Folks have been made to remain the biggest chumps with the mill stone of ignorance hanging around the mind that now guide the Black world and it being the evil lying and deceiving mind of the Human Being, Lucifer the angel that shine the profane blinding light, that light representing the false knowledge about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and our Black selves.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    All who cry out for Obama do not represent all of America, have you so soon forgotten that all who voted for McCain do not share those who voted for Obama sentiment toward Obama and many are doing all that they can to prevent Obama selection to be president and have you forgotten that America president is not chosen until the middle of December and does not take office until January?

    What faith Black folks have in the evil of America, as we sleep in our Time to be awaken, looking for a change that will not come in the fashion we now are hoping for, as we Black Folks are all dressed up in our mental clothes of Belief, Faith, and Hope that Obama represent the change America need that will bring salvation to the Mind of Black Folks in America and the world of Black people.

    Not so beloved, yes you will experience a change but not the change you are looking for, it will be the change that you need to see concerning America, a change that will open the blinded third eye of the Black World and you will begin to See again the great devastation that has happen to Afrika and the Black World, so you see, that is the change Obama will cause to happen to you Black People, not by what he does but because of what he will not do to cause the lives of Black people to be respected without running to the Melting Pot of the White, Arab, and Jewish World.

    That beloved is what this New Millennium represent to Black People,as we now reside in the age of Enlightenment but does require a willingness of the Black World to See Again.

    The Enlightenment come from a desire to know what you have not been told by America and the White controlled World concerning what it is Black People must do to save their Divine Mind, the Mind now on the verge of being crucified by the coming of Obama into the world of Lucifer.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    It is the Mind of the weak and greedy, the Mind drenched in the institution of Religion, the Mind that strive on Lies and acts of deception, walloping in a Delusional Fantasy about the Divine Essence, about Both Universe, and about our Black Selves, such a spirit serving as the Cross of the Black world crucifixion, a symbol of lies, deception and murder of the Divine Mind of a once Divine Black People and now you being a people who love lies to be told to you and turn away from the Divine Truth that has now come to you, not from Obama but from those you know not, as our Ancient Divine Ancient Cosmic Black Ancestors informed us about how and from where the Salvation by the Master Teacher of The Divine Truth will come.

    So you see such Master Divine Teachers will rise right from your midst and you will know them not, because the simplicity of the Spirit of the Master Teacher will not be what Black Folks have been conditioned to expect and to believe in and your rejection of the Divine truth now being shared with Black People by Divine Master teachers of the Black Blood of the gods will serve as your hindrance from becoming engulfed in this New Age Of Divine Enlightenment.

    Again, Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    So it is your Mania over that you wish for but do not know the danger it carry and that Mania is what foster your insanity and Black people being in such a frame of the Human Being mind will prevent the Sanity of your Divine Mind to rise, thus serving to block you from experiencing the Divine Age of This Time, the Age Of Divine Enlightenment, A Time Our Ancient First Way Divine cosmic Ancestors Came With To This Planet, Having A Divine Knowledge About The Divine Essence, Both Universe, And Of self, Such Divine Knowledge Serving As The Trinity That Bring Enlightenment To The Divine Truth and Reality about all things that live and Exist in the physical and Ethereal Dimension of Divine truth and Reality, A Knowledge Long Lost By A Once Divine Black People who once walked Upon This Planet in Time Past, a past we are discouraged not to long to know about today.

    Again, You Need To Understand This, Beloved!!!

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    Today is the time of our 'Collective' rise from the ignorance that has been the cause of our spiritual suffering and etc. African Proverb...When we take one step towards the ancestors...the ancestors run towards us!

    This means that we only have to open our eyes enough to think for our selves and read, study, research, meditate and travel to those places that hold the key that will unlock the secrets that will awaken the spirit and allow it to grow and not remain retarded.

    We must find out what that is...and know that (your) ancestors are spiritual masters and among some of them is reached a level that we would call "Super-Natural". They could literally...speak with nature and nature would speak back...because they "Knew Them Selves" and what purpose they were created.

    We studied all things

    We learned all there was to know

    Then we taught others what we had learned

    Then we forgot what we had learn

    And forgot that we had forgotten

    Then others taught us what they had learn from us

    Now we study

    We learn all there is to know

    Will We Forget Again?


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    speaking with Nature and hearing what Nature has to say is totally natural given that there is only Nature and it is quite natural to speak with one's Self and know what one's Self is saying. how can one "forget" that one's Self is naturally Nature?

    unless, of course, one's Self has been "white washed"/"brain washed"/"white brained".

    the "mania" merely means that there still exists a whole heap of "forgot".