Black Relationships : What does Marriage mean?

I think marriage is just a bunch of signed papers, but it's become a symbol of longevity with your partner. In reality, though, you really don't need to get married to prove anything or something silly like that.

I'm not sure whether I'll get married or not. I might do it just because I somehow like the idea of it. It will depend on how my partner feels about it.
What is the big deal about MARRIAGE? I am speaking of the ceremony and the piece of paper that seem to break up more couples than it unifies. Here are the facts....

It doesn't mean you will stay together forever.
It doesn't mean one or both of you will be faithful.
It doesn't mean two will become one in mind, body, and spirit.
It doesn't mean that you will share with each other.
It doesn't mean that everything will be perfect.
It doesn't even mean that both of you are committed.

It means that you are Europeanized! Hahaha
it means that when ya'll go to divorce court,she gets half.
Marriage is a binding contractual agreement between a man and a woman! The particulars might vary from one race and cultural group to the next, but the basic concept is the same.


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