Chief Elder Osiris : What Does It Require To Be An Afrikan ?

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Black Woman And Man, whom I love so dearly, yes I am old enough to say such
    a thing without hesitation or second thought, all because I know who I am
    and from whence I come without having to be told by those who has a history
    of lying, abusing and informing us about who we are not, as we take such
    lying foolishness about us as the gospel truth.

    The question, what does it take to become an Afrikan, is a valid question
    and is required to be answered truthfully, absent of irrational emotions,
    which we Black Folks seem to love to entangle ourselves in.

    Irrational emotion come from a mind that is loaded with belief, absent of
    rational thought, it was rational thinking that caused the first Being to
    not be confused about ourselves, yet here we are, today, at this Time, do
    not know what is required of us, in order to know what qualify us to be
    what we call an Afrikan.

    The first step in knowing what is required of us to know the qualification
    of a true Afrikan, is to know the importance of getting to know who you are
    and you get to know that by learning what was the result gained from our
    Ancient Primeval Carbon Afrikan Ancestors thoughts, which led them to be
    able to answer the mystery of God, Universe and Being and such thoughts
    allowed our Ancient Ancestors to rationally and logically solve that
    heavenly mystery.

    Yes my dear beloved, our Afrikan identity is more than where you might live
    or the genetic cause of your biological make up, it become the Soul of all
    of that, which is the energy of thought and how such energy is utilized
    within the mind body of the Carbon Being, now referred to as Afrikan and

    A true Afrikan is not capable of the act of self denial of freedom, Justice
    and Independence, yet we are operating today in unison without those very
    principals, which are the very source responsible in allowing us to enjoy

    But, because of us Beings, who claim to be Afrikan, yet expressing an
    ignorance of the knowledge of ourselves, by our action against each other,
    verify the fact, we have yet to know and understand what it mean to be

    The True Afrikan think before participating in the act of belief, knowing
    that knowledge hold preference over faith and reality play no game with

    It is the imposter masquerading around as an Afrikan, simply because we wear
    the outer garment while we lack the under covering of clear thought, which
    produce that which is truth and real about life, which happen to serve as
    the prerequisite to that which qualify us to walk hand in hand with freedom,
    Justice and independence, which should always be the true Afrikan goal in

    The true Afrikan is not comfortable in an abusive state of body and mind and
    does attempt to reveal the bearer of abuse, to be evil and full of greed,
    hungry to dominate all others in life.

    The True Afrikan know when it is appropriate to hate as well as love and
    such emotions are deserving in term of how life is treated one to the other.

    The true Afrikan know the love of self require the knowledge about self and
    such love tolerate no dishonor and disrespect of the self of life and in
    this case our Black Life.

    To love your enemy is the act of a fool and serve to be an imposter to the
    self of you.

    To attempt to interact with the world as you wish it to be, as oppose to the
    way it is treating you, is the act of a foolish believer, as oppose to one
    who is wise and is guided by rational thoughts

    It is the imposter dripping in belief, which is expressing the action that
    is unfolding to serve to our detriment and yet we bow to such action coming
    from the enemy of our life, regardless of the pigment it wear.

    A true Afrikan is moved on rational thought, which move through pure and
    sound knowledge, which come from the mind of a clear thinker, rather than
    believers, who are wrapped in the cloudiness of irrational emotions, in our
    attempt to understand those events that are unfolding to affect our lives.

    The confused Afrikan is guided and is moved under the shield of deception by
    the deceivers of the world, as they attempt to justify all things, yet those
    things are not grounded in empirical facts and such lack of facts, prevent
    the independence of thought, to serve as the discerning truth about the
    reality to life.

    The Carbon Afrikan Nation find itself in the position and condition we are
    in, because the lack of love for ourselves, prevent us from seeking the
    true knowledge about ourselves again and a divided nation is the result of
    such hypocrisy among a people who no longer know the true identity of the
    true Afrikan, nor hold such to be of relevant value to self, any more.

    Therefore we continue to attack each other with all sorts of false
    information about our Black Afrikan self, as instructed by a proven
    oppressor against our Black Nation, as we stand upon the oppressors well
    constructed tainted intellectual soap box, made of vain ego, trimmed in
    individual jealousy, as we masquerade around as being what is called
    Afrikan, as we spew the false information so taught to us by that great
    deceiver,our oppressors.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    It Is Time To Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    Only The Devil Is Displeased With This Message.

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan -Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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    betwixt and between
    My Dear Beloved Chief Elder Osiris ... your words lift my Spirit and soothe my soul. Thank you so very much for them. As i read, i felt like i was in "church" or something ... needing a fan, an usher, and singing Hallelujah ... your words encourage me to continue striving. As i read, i began thinking, "in my response i will quote this, and then this, and yes, this too ..." until i realized ... i'd have to quote every word you've said. As i read, i was reminded of the days that i first began reading you, and it was this same way ... smiling now ... thinking how blessed we are to have your wisdom.

    Thank You, My Dear Beloved Chief Elder Osiris.