Chief Elder Osiris : What Does It Profit You To Gain Worldly Material Things And To Lose Your Mind?

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    What Does It Profit You To Gain Worldly Material Things And To Lose Your Mind?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    There are three worlds upon mother earth planet, one Black, one Asian, and one White, (Caucasian) it is the Black world that once was first and now is last, and whose life is of no longer significance to the two other world, the three being needed to make up one world, designed by the Divine Essence.

    In a world where Material property is the source that measure your worth, based upon how much world material wealth you have in your possession, such is how your life is judged to be of significant importance, and today, the Black world hold no significant importance in a world made to be one, from the three worlds.

    Airport scanning is about the disrespect Lucifer Authority has for the world and it is not about security for the world, it is about Material wealth to be gained by showing disrespect for the world, by revealing the necked insignificance regarding the people security.

    Every since the fall of the first world, it was that world that has been placed under a scanning observation, disregarding the right of privacy of the Black life.

    So, now for material wealth reason, the people in America now suffer from the agony of being disrespected in the name of their security, when in fact, it is about the wealth of security gained by scanning the bodies of American flying passengers, and only the America passengers can bring such an invading of personal privacy at its airports, to a stop.

    The Shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the New York Car would be bomber, all a hoax, just to set up the America world for acts of being disrespected, and for financial gain from showing disrespect for the right of privacy of the American people, a people been made to be pawns, controlled by Lucifer the Human Being, the Devil, Satan in the world.

    In America, capitalism reign supreme, it is all about the falling dollar in America, it is the dollar that cause value to be placed upon your life, without it, your life is controlled by those who have an abundance of dollars in wealth, material possession being the verification of wealth in a capitalist system, which America is under the operation of today.

    Black people living under a system of capitalism, is a people without significant meaning and purpose in life, because the world is controlled and ruled by those in authority of the system of capitalism, and today, Black people have no capital that they control, because capitalism is a system Lucifer created.

    Yet, here is Black people in an attempt to comply to a system that has caused the down fall of a Black Afrikan Nation.

    Black people trying to comply to such rigid rules as apply to capitalism, rule of law that favor the wealthy and **** the poor, the poor in plain sense, mean Black people, because poor relate to a state of Mind and today Black people have lost their original Mind.

    Therefore, full body scanning at airports stem from an act to gain capital wealth, and not the people security health.

    So, why should I concern myself being Black about what white people are doing at their airports, the only thing for me to do is to stay safe, because Black people in America do not control a **** thing of significant value in America, not even our lives.

    So, it is the First world upon mother earth that is mentally dead, and because of that fact, the other worlds made to be one by Lucifer, is too caught upon themselves, trying to gain wealth in the world, than to be concern about saving their self respect, a self respect that would not tolerate full transparent body view without precaution, and by showing self respect, it will have you to not allow anybody to disrespect you, and airport scanning is an act of having disrespect for the people right to privacy over any act of alleged security.

    Black people in America is not in a position to enforce respect for their right to privacy, sad but true.

    So, we have to wait for those other people of the world in America to protect their right of privacy, and like always in America, Black people might benefit from the action by those people in America, they who do have the power to change what is happening to them regarding the eroding of their rights in America.

    Yes, the sad fact about Black people in America, you do not have the power to stop white Authority from doing what ever they desire to do to your Black behind, because Black people in America is a people without power and authority to make decisions about their lives, decisions that will be honored and complied to in America.

    So, as long as Black people are made to be distracted away from them selves and from the demand for Reparation, Black people will remain to be in hunt to gain the whole world of Capital Materialism, and in doing so, Black people will remain with the lost of our Divine Mind.

    So, when I arrive at those white folks airport, my purpose for being there is to reach a destination that I have chartered to travel, and I have no say about the rule of engagement that will allow me to fly to my destination, so to get where I am going on those white folks flights, I will comply to their system of allowed travel by Air Plane.

    That beloved, is the reality of the Black life in the world today and not until the Black world regain their Divine Mind, will order come back to the Black World, the first world upon this mother earth planet, in Afrika.

    So I ask, what does it profit Black people to gain in the world of capital materialism and lose your Divine Mind, and in order to know the answer to that question, take a look to see Afrika condition today, and observe the state of the Black Nation, a Nation once United and now full of ignorant division, the making of a lost weak minded Black Divided Nation, the first world made to be last today.

    Airport scanning, the least of my concern when freedom is my primary concern, knowing that such a life condition has no problems to be in need of solving, because freedom is Divine and it is the Divine Mind that demand Freedom, which is my Demand for the first world, which is Black people.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    I dont agree with every thing said....

    But from the basic aspect you are right on the money....

    It is divide and conquer....

    It is very simple tell one group they are better than another and you got your self a war.......

    Splitting people up in groupz and cause friction.... You bend metal with heat...

    Basically you should complain about everything ... unless you think this is heaven already......

    May the divine bless us all....