Black Relationships : What does ... Catfished ... Mean?

if'n you gotta start a post with ... "my brutha Kem may have a point" ... means it is time to RUN!!!!! ... :running:

Enki ... you have always been a beacon of light and hope ... don't turn to the darkside now ... :lol:

:rofl: ... :lol: ... "A hog aint got a chance in hell get'in pass her" ... :lol: ... :rofl:

i died reading the above ... :lol: ... :injured: ... :lol:

remember ... Kemetstry never has a point ... which means one hog might get past me ... :lol:

You're too precious ... :love:

Love You!




It means here in the UK as far as I know that its a person who seeks out the strong to take away their emotional strenght.

Hello brutha, and welcome to Destee:dj1:

I hope you enjoy your stay!:bong:



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