Black Relationships : What does black love mean to you?

black love

I don't think as love in black or white terms. But I have been reading several of the responses noted on this subject. I will say that love is unconditional. But as humans we are often caught up in the conditional. I have been in relationships and some were healthy and others were not.

But the greatest of all relationships is the love relationship. Have you ever seen the worst and the best in a person and yet your love did not change. Loving a person to me doesn't mean okay just because you don't measure up to my expectations, I am not going to love you anymore. It may mean that I need to re-evaluate my own expectations. I believe love exist outside of the parameters we place on them. Love just is - It helps you to believe you are okay where you are, wherever you are. Granted, we may need help with some of our issues. I love someone who has addiction issues and though I choose not to be involved with them on intimate level, it doesn't change my love. I just learn to live without them. And it hurts, but it's okay. Because I believe that is what love is. My mother taught me that and I believe black love is about that. We do not feed into the darkness of conditional love, but are uplifted by the light of the unconditional.

In romantic relationships, it is the obvious; sexual and romantic unity of black men and women. So it is a unity of the physical and emotional. Understanding the other gender better should be a part of romantic black love.

In terms of the community, it could mean unity with other black people; whether it's brotherhood or sisterhood. Finding ways to unite despite differences and also eliminating feelings of hate, envy/ jealousy and most important distrust.

In terms of family, it means the child respecting the parent and their role and the parent respecting their kid's role. Kids need to respect and appreciate the sacrifices their parents make for them, while parents need to remember that things aren't always easy in a kid's life either.


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