Black Money Business Jobs : What Does "Being Rich" Mean for you?

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    The Reality of Black Wealth in America.


    When we think about "Black Wealth" a small minority of Blacks in the fields of journalism, sports and entertainment come to mind. Which is unfortunate. Because in America we are taught the value of a good education, yet the P. Diddys and Jay-Zs of the world would never trade in their "ghetto-pass" for a College degree. Not to say these Men aren't educated, you have to be- but obviously it's not the brand of education Bill Cosby and the like want to push down the throats of lower income Africans in America.

    Had they told most of us coming in up, starting out in kindergarten that being rich or poor is more about "mentality" and attitude than actual lifestyle perhaps we would all be living a different reality right now.

    Those who are "poverty conscious" stay that way by maintaining a cesspool of ideas that keeps everyone gritting their teeth about the lack of money. Mentality determines the opportunities that will cross our paths, education will determine the level of those opportunities. Therefore a confident quick learner could never go broke, ever- unless of course such a person refuses to advance beyond the mentality of their peers.

    How wealth and riches is created and earned in the world has never changed, but how wealth is controlled has. Production, distribution and marketing seasons every wealthy empire. No one is exempt, not even God.

    The majority of wealth earned by rich Blacks in America is actually made in the field of marketing. What Rappers are doing is marketing regardless if they themselves can see it or not. They market ideas, concepts, lifestyles and even products- and often times their own skills. Athletes as well market their talent, their speed, their strength and showmanship. Black Actors and Entertainers in America are all basically marketers for wealthier companies and organizations. Writers market and produce concepts, philosophies etc. If you're not a marketer, you're a producer, or distributor- or perhaps all three.

    Often times, we incorrectly equate money with power. Again- this is an "idea" that has been marketed to poor people- who kill themselves literally trying to get money for one ounce of control. With money power can be achieved, but money itself is not power. Bill Cosby learned that when he tried to acquire NBC. Sure he had the money and sponsors to do so. But a quick "err no, we don't think so" was enough to shut the door on that deal.

    It's easy to see how we get these two confused. This is why poor people can have "power" and not really know it because it's felt the poor don't have money. The question is what can you really control if you have no money?

    First of all, no one gets rich from selling or marketing to one individual. It's not like the egg farmer comes knocking on our door every time his chicken lays an egg begging us to buy it. So if the farmer doesn't depend on one individual for wealth, but on collective ritualistic spending, why then do individuals rate their earnings separate from the earnings of the collective?

    Perhaps then the poor would realize they are not poor at all, just unorganized.
    Which might be bad news for those who educate certain groups of people so they could take advantage of them and become rich.

    The reality of Black Wealth in America is that we are collective ritualistic spenders. The fashion industry, the haircare industry, the entertainment industry- such industries earn billions upon billions of dollars because the poor are unorganized with their wealth.

    In reality, being rich means you earn 3-4 times what it takes for you to survive. So when you pool all your financial responsibilities together for the month and multiply that by three or four that sum is what you need to be rich. Most likely, it's not a million dollars. You see we are being shammed by the idea of being rich and becoming rich even on an individual level.

    Ask yourself what life would be like for you if your earned 3-4 times what you needed to survive financially?