What does a brotha have to do to get a signature around here?

Discussion in 'Tech Support - Questions - Suggestions' started by Pharaoh Jahil, Jan 5, 2004.

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    What have I done to not deserve a signature? I just discovered that my bottom signature has been deleted and when I tried to re-post it, it said "Sorry, you are not permitted to have a signature." ....Like Marvin Gaye said.."What's goin' on"?
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    Brother Pharaoh Jah ... You've done nothing to "not deserve" a signature. As you know, i had disabled them before, as i had gone back and forth (inside myself) regarding making signatures a feature for only those who have contributed. I wanted to give some extra to those who give extra. I put this in effect back in November, but received a few complaints, so i enabled them again.

    We now have a new situation, where folk are registering for the sole purpose of advertising their web sites, it seems. We have a forum specifically for that, and want to keep such confined to it. The more we grow, the more folk will do this, figure out ways to spam us with their sites ... signatures are one. We don't, nor ever have had, a lot of advertising here and i'd like to keep the community as clean as possible from that.

    Making signatures be a feature that contributing Members receive, instead of anyone that just walks in the door, may help us to get a handle on it.

    Removing one's ability to have a signature, does not affect their ability to share their opinions, poetry, etc., in any of the forums. It just reduces the amount of advertising that is done.

    It may also encourage those who have not supported the community financially to do so ... as it is one little extra that they get.

    If i'm able to come up with another way to eliminate the spamming, i may enable signatures for everyone again. At this point, disabling them for everyone except Contributing Members (and Moderators) was the easiest and most effective way to solve the spamming problem.

    It has nothing to do with you being deserving of a signature. You are deserving of all we have to offer Brother. It's just that signatures presented new issues for us. Please trust that it is nothing personal.

    If you have any more questions, i'm right here.