Black History : What Do We See? Black and White

What do you see, Looking at people

  • Black or White

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  • I see race...

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • I just see plain ol' People!

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  • It takes time...

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I see Black or White...

I see race....

I just see plain ol' people...

I see with time...

When we look at one another......?

What type of people do we see when we look at a BLACK person?

WHat do we se when we see a WHITE person?

When we Look at the person is all we see Black or White?
Why can't I choose more than one at the same time?

There are only three basic categories of people in the known universe AS A RESULT of the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) being in place;

White People
Non-White People
Racists (White Supremacists)

Not all white people are racists (white supremacists) but you do have to be a white person in order t obe a racists (white supremacist). This is a choice that white people make, tp participate in a SYSTEM that was in place when they were born or to participate in replacing the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice. Justice meaning guaranteeing no person is mistreated and also guaranteeing the person who needs help the most get the most help.
Listen Sis;

I hate to be the one to bust your bubble but "every white person born is a racist whether they know it or not. They were born into a system of global white supremacy. From birth their education in school is racist. The books they study from are racist. Their religious books are racist. Their socialization is racist. Their banking and housing and judicial system is racist. So from a subconscious perspective they are racist. They may never call a black person the "N" word or try and even mis-treat a black person or other person of color...but every perception, thought process and perspective has been ingrained with racism from the time they were born. This is a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Are there any good white people? Yes there is. Once they become aware that they are in a system of white supremacy or human inequity the good white people move against it, speak against it and do whatever they can to go the other way. Any so called good white person that is aware of this reality and does nothing, says nothing or continues to act as if everything is alright then qualifies as a bad white person....simply because they did or said nothing.

This is the same as me being a good person...but if I should see someone mis-treating a child on the street or see one running out in the street where traffic is abundant and I walk past it with the thought in my head "oh well, that ain't my child"....I then qualify as a bad person simply because I said or did nothing. Do you understand what I am saying? So when someone tells me about good white people, they got to show me. Yeah, I know one or two...but the ones that I know are socially and legally involved in moving against the very structure of the system at hand that belongs to their people.

In psychiatry we are taught that no answer is an answer...think about that as you look at the thread you started here.

Peace and love always in all ways !!
Ain't no good people on this planet. Good people practice justice. You can't good people in an unjust situation. And you can't haqve justice and injustice in the same universe at the same time. So if you want to be a good person you gonna hafta produce justice and by so doing you will eliminate non-justice.
Excellent posts Brother Williams, Brother Keita, I know I should have typed nothing but I had to support the flow. Your words say it all...sister remember as "long as racism exists anything said or done by people that is not intended to eliminate racism and to help produce justice is a waste of time" Neely Fuller!:em2300:


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