Chief Elder Osiris : What Do we Expect To Come From A Government That Has Destroyed our Mind And Enslaved

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    What Do we Expect To Come From A Government That Has Destroyed our Mind And Enslaved our Ancestors?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    To All True Black Nationalist, Keep Sharing The Divine Truth Beloved, Maybe Somebody Black Out There Might Hear You!!!

    The Only Place Of refuge For The Black So Call Afrikan, Is Afrika, And In Afrika There Is An Obligation To Clear The Land And free The People.

    We are not indebted to anybody on this planet, and everybody is indebted to us, and yet we are the last when we once were first in the Knowledge of Life, God, and the Universe.

    Why do we seem so overwhelm and amaze, bordering on surprise, at the fact that there is a world full of filthy wealthy Luciferian Human Beings that is set on rearranging the world, so that it will be pleasing to them and easier to govern.

    There is only one people that owe respect and protection to Black so call Afrikan people, and those people happen to be Black people.

    You see, I am of a Divine mind that have me to know that all concern should be about getting Black people Mind back, because if successful in doing so, then the Plan of Lucifer is aborted, because a United Black People is a people that will not submit to the Genocide of a people long in suffering at the plan and hand of Lucifer, the Devil, Satan the Human Being.

    It is even difficult for Black people to conceive of the Truth about not being Human, and the term Human carry a Frequency that rewire the Brain of Black people, thus the Mind that once was, is no more, and yet it is very difficult for certain level of Black people to know and understand how significant of a reality it is, that has happen to Black people Mind.

    So what do we do, we marvel in anticipation, over the fact that the filthy wealthy has a plan in place that will bring about the depopulation of the world, primarily the Black World, because to the Luciferians, it is the Black world that is capable of being the greatest threat to Lucifer plan, that is if we get our Mind Back, and yet, we do not understand the meaning of such sharing of such Divine Information, as we ignore, to our life peril.

    The only way Black people will become the savior of the world and it is our duty to be so, because of who we are, Divine Beings and not Human Beings originally, is to regain possession of our Divine Mind.

    We are a world consisting more so of Black and Poor People, and it is for Black people to learn the method of communicating with our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, if order is to come back to this evil world, but no, because only a Divine Mind can understand such sharing of information that is not of Lucifer Making.

    The Ignorant among us, we smirk at the Metaphysical aspect of life inner sanctum of our Being, all because of the low quality of Mind that we wear, so we have the foolish among us claiming to be the intelligent among us, and yet can not conceive of the fact that Life is not only present on this earthly planet in this vast universe, and that we are not the product of Darwin opinion about the Beings of different level intelligence usage on this planet, intelligence is intelligence used in accordance to your form that Nature designed.

    As long as we are influenced to choose to live a life based upon assumption, it will prevent us from knowing the power of a Mind that is operating in Harmony, Order, and Balance, all for the purpose to connect with the Universal frequency that will have you with the Divine Knowledge about life and what we must do to preserve it from profane action of destruction.

    The divine Mind has always been the weapon of stability and protection, only when we are without Divine connection do we lose focus of who we are and that is why Lucifer is so adamant in keeping Black folks divided and apart from each other, and as long as Lucifer is successful in keeping Black people out of self focus, the lives of Black and poor people are the target for reduction.

    Based upon the history of spirit shown toward Black people by our oppressors, it is evident that Lucifer does not have a mind with conscious that condemn, because in the Mind of Lucifer, Evil is Good and righteous, and from the action of Good and righteous, there is no condemnation from such a Spiritual display.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, the safety net for the world of sufferers, is through the Mind of the Black so call Afrikan, our Divine Mind is that which will cause such members of the world to be safe.

    So, as we begin to Divinely Think, so will the other worlds begin to Think as well, and in by such united action, Lucifer Time will be no more in power over the world..

    I know, this is very difficult for a Lucifer carrying Mind to see and understand, because looking is a hindrance to such a skill, which require for a Divine Mind to know and a profane mind to dismiss with prejudice of such a skill.

    The Government of America has promised us nothing but misery and owes us everything in the line of Justice and freedom, so, not until we Black folks get our Spirituality in order, meaning our attitudinal behavior, we can expect life as usual and on the down turn.

    Tell me, why we are so holding to America to be protective of us, America has no pattern of respect and protection shown to Black people.

    Hell, after Five Hundred Years in America presence, we have yet to receive an honest apology for the way America has treated our Enslaved Ancestors, and an honest apology is consummated with the paying of our Ancestors Reparation, which many of us black people seem so adamant in allowing America to continue to forfeit on such a Debt, that is beyond dispute to be owed to our Afrikan Ancestors.

    We have yet to display a serious Mind in Demanding our Ancestors Reparation, we do nothing but believe all kind of reason why our Enslaved Ancestors will not receive their Reparation, yes their reparation.

    So, any demanding of Reparation is not begging, you beg for something that is not yours, such is not the case with Reparation.

    So, what is it that prevent Black people from collecting our Ancestors reparation, well it is the lack of respect we show toward our Enslaved Ancestors, as if we are saying let the past be, and what is in the past, leave it alone, a sure sign of a Lucifer Human being mind at work, in the Black Body Life of the so call Afrikan.

    Yes, the devil will make plan to depopulate the earth inhabitants, it serve to the devil advantage to do so, and he is full steam ahead in plan implementation, while black people skinning and grinning talking about them people would not do that to us, where have that Afrikan who believe like that, been for the last five hundred years?

    The reason why Afrika is as it is and Black people are the way we are, is because we believe with the mind of a Lucifer Human Being, and that is no joke, because our lives and Afrika, serve as a testament to such a Divine truth today.

    So Black so call Afrikan, are you awake, if so, tell me, what Time Is It?

    Tell me the correct Time and I will know that Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan is about to rise again, to occupy the original place that each once occupied, on this planet, Earth.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    be ready for any time and all time Cheif

    Time is the measurements and calculations of unawareness

    I respect ur choice of words

    "happen to be black"

    it's not because ur black, as we know people do pretend, but GOD's chosen people happen to be black, because of the nature of themselves, who they are remembering

    the govmt. has no ability to destroy our MIND in as much as the "devil" has the power to destroy the world

    I prefer to collect "consciousness"

    money doesn't "heal", it only pacifies humans.... like pacifiers get babies to be quiet

    if that's ur deepest desire u will keep returning thru karma until it is provided

    the don't intend to pay.. they just want to keep us on this level