Black Teenagers : What do i do?

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    :missu: Ok i'm finding it really really hard to get over my ex boyfriend.I liked him since the 9th grade,he used to bug me and my friends,plus he used to flirt with all the i never thought he would like me.

    In the 10th grade me and him sat next to each other in class and he would just sit and stare at me.Anyway to cut a story short we got talkin and we clicked just like that and i liked him alot but i was afraid to admit it. then he told me he liked wasnt offical but it lasted about 6 months.he was my best friend i trusted him with my life,he was there when no one else was.he planned to ask me out one day but it didnt happen.we became distant after but people would tell me he still liked me.even when we did talk i still felt something was was weird coz i had a dream that he wouldnt be at my skool nemore,a few days later he told everyone he was leaving.

    its been like 2 1/2 years and wenever i see him i want him,we hardly talk.his new school is next to my house,so i sometimes see him.this is my first love and its hard to get over him.ive moved on but theres nobody like him!!! it jus feels like im lookin 4 sum1 exactly like him,and wen it comesdown to think all i want is him/

    i spoke to him a few dayz ago and hes just the way i remembered him.girls what do i do?
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    sit him down at a table in starbucks.
    tell him how U feel. ask him how he feel.
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    Hello babyshy....this is the best advice that I can think of, as well. Instead of you both holding in all these feelings, talk about them to each other and see where that may lead you.

    Queenie :spinstar:
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    yes brother uncle phil :heart:...

    that is a good advise .....(can use that for myself to)

    and make shure the 2 of you eat good take a big chicken or sumthing...
    to make shure you feel the right thing instead of just being flawy or hungry..

    dear sister babycake.....
    i,m just going to speak to you from my soul..
    aight sis ...

    its good that you go and ""meet " and talk to him...
    ask him how he feels and tell him how you feel.....

    if its all goed and beautifull ...he feels the same...that that is beautifull..
    you pick it up from there...

    if he doesnt feel the does not feel goed at that moment
    ( it ""WIL "' pass cause God does not want to to keep walking around with these feelings unanswered.......)
    but its still all good...and beautifull cause than at least you know ...
    where you stand..... not a nice thing it does not make you move forward....

    and just know sister ...
    that if its not the same mutual the feeling ...

    just continue with youre life ,youre school ,youre talents,youre family.,youre friends ,youre life,youre personal relationship with god...

    than eventualy a beautifull person soul will come along...
    and yes the old thing will pass and sumthing new will come.......

    means you will feel the same for that person...
    but 10 times more and better and real..:jumping: :smooch:

    i remembered i was "'in love "' (well i was never ""in "' love with someone cause the feeling was not always that strong and realy realy mutual or the same hahah i was ""in "" but he was ""out"" hahah ......i laugh but it was not nice at these times and still somthimes but i still believe in that beautifull "'One")

    but if the feeling is mutual.....(cause that can happen at a young age i mean who are we to judge .......... i have a young cousin and he found his young queen at a young age and she found his king and they are going well....
    they let eachother free but faithfull and are happy ,and i believe even that it will stay that way for a long time)
    and you both dont know what to do...

    just pray for it...
    and god will guide you....


    and try to keep in touch with youre heavenly father to ok...sweet....

    cause you know ..(hi hi)

    you know ..
    you know he knows ...everything about you
    :roll: :crying: and youre feelings ..
    and his feelings you know ...

    youre feeling me...?

    if not .....

    i tried sweety....

    i ve tried.....

    but i hope you feld me:jumping: :heart:

    anyway youre gonna be alright....
    i know ...:welldone:

    and save some chicken for me.....ok

    just kidding...

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    this is a moment in james history... he aitn tell you to study till you got str8 A's and graduate...
    n get over it....

    but truly... theres nothin better than a new love.. have u had that since him...?
    i wouldnt persue it.. cause 2 years ago is a long time in boy time..
    not to mention...
    if he wanted u again,
    he would have made the advance when you last spoke with him...
    it was an experience.. now try another!

  6. Lyricz

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    Mar 7, 2006
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    yea God is has the best answer for u in this case...ask him 2 show u the way..let go and let God.
    Plus if he loved u like u loves him, he wudda said sumn alooong time ago.

  7. TruelySpeaking

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    okay, i think that you should still be koo wit him but at the same time you have to look at it like,is he really there for you because if he was he would tell you that he likes you and he would tell you that he wanna be wit shouldn't hold on to somethin that ain't there.sometimes you gotta let it go...