Chief Elder Osiris : What Do Black People Hope To gain By Believing In The Bible and In Jesus?

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    What Do Black People Hope To gain By Believing In The Bible and In Jesus?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me am I to be considered to be a danger to Black People and any other people who believe in what Religion Doctrines tell them about God, and how to Live their lives in this world without you having the Mind to question such doctrines of Religion as so told in the various Religious books claiming to have been dictated and/or written or spoken by God Himself?

    Beloved, is it not a defense mechanism and a verification by those who take the position that everybody have a right to believe Religiously what ever they so want to believe and nobody should have the Divine Right to question other people religious belief, is that not how we hide in our ignorance by defending Religion?

    Beloved, tell me, is the Universe the Universe by accident and does the Universe move in action without Guidance and just move along on its Merrily way having no guidance or law of motion to keep each body and entity from interfering with each other?

    Beloved, does the universe have an obligation to verify the Infinite Intelligence of the Very Essence that has caused it to be in the way it is formed and move in relationship to each other, the Universe being those Universal objects and Ethereal entities that does not embarrass the Divine Infinite Intelligence that has caused all things To Be? As You In Religion Do.

    Well beloved, how you have answered those questions will determine your Mental status in this Universe of which you are an intricate part of, and because all things come from a Divine Intelligent Energy that is without favor to that which It has produced, but by producing all there is in the Universe to be the Universe, that act in and of its action reveal the Respect the Divine Intelligent Energy has for all It has caused To Be.

    Now, if that is the Divine Truth about the Divine Essence in reference to the Universe, then is it not Divine to Reason that Divinity Beget Divinity and when such Divinity is threaten with what is label Evil, it being a mental act that reveal an anti-Divine Mind that reflect a Spirit of Evil and not Divinity.

    Then tell me, is it not Divine to reveal that which is Divine and that which is anti-Divine, one of the action having the Divine Right to reveal that which is Anti-Divine and that the other has no Divine Right To Be in an act of expressing that which is anti-Divine, and if left to perform its Evil acts in a Universe designed to be Divine, then the action to claim victory, such is Evil over Divinity and never is that ever designed to be the performance of a Universe that is designed by an Infinite Divine Energy Intelligence, It Being The Divine Essence Of All Things Physical, and not Physical.

    So, if that is the Divine Case that we are a part of, then in no way is there a Divine Justification for a Divine Mind to remain silent while the anti Nature to Divinity is in full throttle against the world, the Black World being its primary Target, feeding to you the Evil of Religion, the anti - Divine doctrine that Lucifer, who is the King, (GOD Of Evil) Prince,(Devil) and princess, (Satan) all of Evil, and Lucifer is the creator of Religion, such an institution serving to be the very foundation upon which Evil stand, and is in motion inside of such an institution of Religion.

    You might ask yourself the question about me, about why it is that I am so fixated upon Religion in a Divine Way, well it is because I know Evil when I see it, and if experience is to be ignored, which serve to be the only Divine Relative to the Divine Essence (GOD) then those of us who make claim to be seekers after Righteousness has an obligation to your Divine Mind to reveal the most potent enemy to the Divine Mind action, and that action is in constant expression of that which is Divine and is in constant revealing of that which is an Evil mind, which is based upon its expressed action that cause you to have an Evil experience in life.

    So based upon the foundation of Divinity, I challenge all Religious believer to show a Religious Experience ever acted against Black People that was and is not an Evil experience, but is a Divine experience?

    Beloved, you must come to see, that experience can not be manipulated nor influenced, it is what reveal the result of any action that your life have been a party to, and the result is what constitute your life experience from that action, so when dealing with the acts of Religion, as it has been engaged with the Life of Black people, then the Black life experience has been an Evil Experience has it not?

    Beloved, any experience in your life carry evidence of the quality of events that caused your life experience, so when dealing with Religion and its occupant, Evil, there can not be a Divine case pleaded for Religion to be a part of your life mind action, not in the presence of the Black so call Afrikan life Religious experience, where all is well with the Black life.

    So you see, the evidence of what I am sharing with you about Religion, is Divinely True, about how it has acted evilly toward Black people, we then have a need to get to know the Divine Happening that occurred in our Black lives, when you were functioning with the Divine knowledge of your Black selves, and then compare the Religious life you now live, and take a Look in order to see the present state of condition of Afrika and the Lives of the Black Afrikan people today, while under the influence of religion, which Black people are today.

    Yes, Yes, Observe the present Divide that now is in motion among Black Afrikan people with each other, and then tell me what institution today it is that motivate and control what you are to believe about the Divine Essence, (GOD) about the Universe, and about your Black so call Afrikan selves?

    Tell me, is it not Religion that you now place all of your belief, faith, and hope in, is it not religion that was used to bring about the destruction of the Black Divinity and Civilization of the Black World, a world that today you Black people know nothing about.

    Yet, here you are, looking upon me with the look of ignorance and evil displeasure, simply because My love (MIND THOUGHTS) are Divinely Pure for you Black people, which will not allow me to not share with you that which has been revealed to me to be Divinely True, and it is the Divine Truth that only has a connection to all that is pure and Righteous in this Evil World.

    So yes, I have every Divine Right to share with you the Evil you do, not just to your self, individual, but to the Black Nation, by you embracing the Evil of Religion and choosing to disrespect that which is Divinely True and Real, such is the requirement in order for you to experience your Divine spirituality, a Quality of Mental expression that reveal an attitude and behavior that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the motion and action of the Universe, both within and outside of your Body Life Self.

    So yes, I ask of you black people, What Do You Black People Hope To gain By Believing In The Bible and In Jesus?

    What are you looking for to happen to your life that you have not the capability and responsibility to do for your selves, beloved.

    Tell me, do you really expect somebody to be in the sky taking notes on your life spirit action?

    Do you expect somebody appearing just like your oppressors dressed like they have portrayed someone by the name of Jesus to come and save you from the life Lucifer Religion has caused upon your life in an oppressive and devastating way? do you?

    Tell me, are we Black people so remote from our Divine mind until we are forbidden to see the lies and deception so created for us by Lucifer, he who created the Jesus Religion you now are willing to continue to die and kill each other over, doing so in the name of your religion, and I am suppose to ignore the fact that you have been made not to be able to distinguish between a lie and that which is Experimental True?

    No, No, Beloved, for me to submit to your act of dependency upon our oppressors for Life guidance as you ignore the Divine Teacher of experience, would put me in such a low state of self ignorance until my life would not be under the protection of those whom out from did I come, they being our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors, they who indulged not in the Religion of Lucifer, but experienced the Magic of their Mental Divine Spirituality, a state of quality of Mind that no longer guide the lives of the Black so call Afrikan, today.

    So you see, not until we come to learn what happen to us Black people and how we are to become Divine Beings again, will we be able to experience the Joy and Justice our Black lives are given to enjoy, and that is why I have made The Book, Divine Spirituality Available to you, and not just to you Black people, but to the world in general it speak to, because spirituality is universal and is nondiscriminative, and should you choose to have a copy of this book, Divine Spirituality, then follow the Link below.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    No, Chief your not a danger to black people.

    The universe is not separate. The Divine are called out of this world, while the wicked are called into it.

    You have already submitted to the mind of the oppressor, because the divine first way ancestors created religion.

    In deed spirituality is universal and non discriminative, so why discriminate?

    My sentiments to those who will not make it, quite frankly.

    Our concern should not be for ourselves. No, it should be for the future of humanity.

    Space and Time are a creation, so those that would harm themselves may come closer to their Mind and free it.

    The universe is exact and precise and always on time, God willing.


    All is NOW Cheif, and the future is close. The illusion will dissipate, respectfully.