Africa : What can we do to stop the spread of aids in Africa?


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Jun 19, 2004
"Ideas yall? What can any of us do? what is the scope of the problem"?

This was a question that was asked by a brother from another board. Here was my answer to his question. I would like to hear what you guys think about this also.

Originally posted by osiris
Until we can come to the conclusion as to how this disease got here in the first place, there won't be much we can do.

**** by that time alot of people will have died. Look there are alot of theories as to where this virus came from. The most popular theory is that it is man-made and the creation and infection of the disease may serve a political and economic purpose for white people. Know whether this theory is true or not is not the point. I'm going to try and answer brother tmonster question. "How can we help stop the spread of Aids in Africa."

I think one of the most important aspects that is never brought up when blacks are discussing something like this is the fact that we as Africans all over the world are so subceptible to the attacks of others especially from europeans. A major part of the problem with the aids crisis in Africa and in the US. in the black community is the fact that we have no real power. Let me put it this way we have no nation are a base of power were we can collectively conspire together to produce the institutions we need to devolop the people we need that could combat issues such as this.

People you have got to have a nation that has been set up by the people to insure the survival of the group. Look at black folks in america we have all kinds of doctors and other so-called educated people, but yet collectively we are not able to do anything to stop the biological warfare that is being wage against us. There is no simple answer to this question but I know for a fact until Africans especially in America start thinking in terms of nation building. We will never be able to produce the type of people and institutions we need to combat any attacks against us whether it be biological are physical.

I hope this will give you guys a good idea on how I feel about this crisis. I also have attached two excerpts from some speeches that may also give you a good idea on what I was trying to say.



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