Black Poetry : What Can it Be?

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    What Can it Be?

    Like Salt-n-peppa I shoop and like troops advance on positions
    Use romance and tradition to kiss girls and twist their worlds
    And this improve my groove with smooth love talk that hurls
    Bed language and this raise my rank give praise to the bank wanna
    Borrow cash because tomorrow is a blast lowering of prices gonna
    Buy some gifts that’ll devastate a cutie and decorate her heart with
    Beauty because I went to Jared to the extent married with kids to lift
    My pride there’s a gift inside of being true seeing new stuff drift
    My facts are stable and will attack and disable MC’S like bad verses
    Mad nurses with prescribe ibuprofen best survive hoping the curses
    Of whackness don’t control your mind can’t write bold rhymes chasing
    After this stuff disaster will scuff your career, and that’s bitter tasting
    So think before you consider chasing me, even though nervous and
    Crap wanna be of service to rap and this alone keeps me in demand
    From down south but in my renowned mouth got dentures that sway
    So I venture to say a dentist is needed a menace proceeded each day
    My minds hammers trash and like a grammar class allow rhymes
    And somehow time microphone lyrics when my clock chimes
    See freaks rattled and retreat from battle running scared and
    Their wet thirst get worse best drink water this stink slaughter can
    Expand, yall at the Mall whack and should fall back on the stupidity