Black Education / Schools : What are your thoughts about inner city schools that children have taken over?

Yeah - more faculty and administrators are more concerned with their salaries, and being able to make ends meet. Also, you have other school staff that are more concerned for their safety on the job; they forget about having the responsibility of providing a safe learning environment for the students.

Very soon, you will start to see schools that operate off of martial law and martial law-like tactics. That is what this will likely lead to.

My ultimate solution - Home-schooling or self-education.

When I look at the public school system, and its failure to educate our children properly, I see exactly what i expect. According to Neely Fuller racism is a system with supporting institutions politically, economically, educationally, socially and spiritually. The purpose of any thing in this man's world is to opress and keep subservient the Black Man. Just as Sutukh put bandages over the eyes and mouth of Ausar, blinding him to reality and stopping his divine ability, even so the Tamahu has bound the eyes and mouths of our children, giving them slavery and a future of servitude as their goal, and the youth now are not going for it.
In the Prt Em Hru in Chapter 17 it states "I am Yesterday and Today." Yesterday is Ausar when he fought in Amentet, Today is Neberdjer when he shall subdue the enemies of Ausar and put his son, Heru, as ruler. We are leaving Yesterday and moving into Today, when Ra will take the kingdom, the whole affair, and give it to its rightful heir. Since 1970 the souls known as Pa Hememet have been coming down to the earth, to assist in the great shift which is coming, wresting rulership from Sutukh and placing it with Heru. These souls, those of Pa Hememet, are not born the way normal souls are, as a incarnatory cycle, Pa Hememet are sent doen to earth at a certain time to accomplish certain duties. Now is the time when Ra wants to restore us, and as such he produces the environment which will allow the divinely decreed chance to take place. Part of this environment are the individuals which will bring about or participate in the change. These are the youth of today. They are born disssatisfied. Born, tired of the lies, deception and hypocrisy, of the devils world they see around them, and having a desire to experinece the new. The reason this divinely inspired dissatisfaction is being a destructive force is because we who are older, and should have laid a path and developed a place where those born "in the new" would be free to express the new and manifest our future world. However, we have failed miserably in this regard, and as a result our children and communities are plunged into chaos. How can you expect children born to rule the earth, to submit to the dogs of the earth, to bow before them, eat their lies and be satisfied. They are not you, they are a new breed, and the only way to put them on the right path is to give them that which their soul is searching for, Ma'at. If we wish to see our communities and schools ameliorate all we need to do is one thing, Start being Our Afurakani Selves, because the world of the Tamahu is over, and al those who wish to be entangled in his society, will go out with him.
That the students are acting out because its their way of crying out for help. They understand that the system could give a d*** and they probably also have alot going on in their private lifes. Its their way of taking control to atleast of some kind of control over their lifes.

I like you Jaisolovely. The kids are not allways the worst when they lash out at a teacher in todays society.
If they raise a gun though then help is needed.


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