Black People : What are your thoughts about black hating attitudes about latinos in 2017?

Myth. Delray says this doesn't exist

... Again I'm not really concerned about other races hating us (that pretty much speaks for itself)....its the self hatred among Black Americans is where the most damage is done...example...I'm a darkskinned black male.....

Yes Sir, jimmyjam, you speak truth to power when you say this:

"its the self hatred among Black Americans is where the most damage is done"

Before we can concern ourselves with outside hatred, we need to clean up the hatred we have toward our own people :facepalm:

We can't stand each other, and will not hesitate to publicly demonstrate that tremendous flaw.

You are a breath of fresh air brother, welcome on board, jimmyjam.

Look, I don't have time to get my panties in a bunch over who likes or dislikes me. For what's it's worth, and pardon the cliche` but some of my best friends are Puerto Rican and Mexican. In terms of how they treat me, I couldn't ask for better friends. Witnessed Chinese students stand up and join ranks of Black students protesting against, what they believed was a hostile climate for Black and Brown students at a predominately white institution.

I would caution everyone not to generalize people and lump them together believing that any racial/ethnic group are ALL alike because it's not true. Let's be clear about who we are talking about when addressing these types of topics.


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