Black People : What are you doing? " Don't talk in my ear, text me."

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    I lost my children to this addiction, when I bought their first cell phones. I am loosing my wife and she is heavily addicted to her i-Phone and Candy Crush. She will say, lets watch this movie...

    Here we go... OK once the movie starts. I look over and she has picked up her phone, it hasn't rang. She is busy scrolling thru it, and I am watching the video... now this would not be so bad. But I saw the video before. She wanted to watch it with me.

    Once to get even with my children. I disabled the internet and pretended that my ISP service was down. Another time when it had crashed, I was sitting across from my son and daughter. They were both in my son's room.

    I mentioned how children today are into the social media and not talking and communicating verbally any more.
    I am laying it on, heavily and trying to make a point. I was being ignored because they seemed to have some online screen activity of some sort and were doing that while I was ranting and trying to make a point.

    Then my daughter leans over to whisper something into my son's ear. He quickly pulls away to avoid her speaking. He say's, what are you doing? " Don't talk in my ear, text me." the room came to a halt and we all burst out laughing. He did that to mock me and it worked. But my point was made. So I quit faking the ISP problem and they got rid of me again, and continued on their finger jogging, internet travels.