Chief Elder Osiris : What Are We Who Do Not Go Blindly Into The Light Of Obama?

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    What Are We Who Do Not Go Blindly Into The Light Of Obama?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are those among us Black People who are full with the highest of euphoria over the selection of Obama, now that he is President of the United States Of America and those Black people will never be able to see anything that is out of order that Obama does, that hinder Black People from being self aware and down right angry over the quality of life we Black people have been conned into believing is the best the Black Life should ever desire and that Black people have everything to be thankful for in America.

    There are Black people who will not ever consider to look at and see Obama through the Mind eye, an eye that see that which is Divinely True, regardless of who and what it is that such an uncompromising eye see.

    There are those Black people who fore go that which the Black life is entitle to, in order to settle for what fantasy of irrational emotion the Black Life can celebrate, even though that which is causing for irrational emotional celebration does not serve to the elevation and need of the Black life that will have our lives to become Sovereign, Independent, Joyful, and Free.

    Such life principle needs of Black people, they are not the goal that some of us Black people seek for in America, because such a life fulfilled enjoyment, is not to be founded in America, so Black people who are moved by events that are created by the Human Beings of this world and they being those people of authority that has a history of abusing Black people, those are the Black people who have settle for the event of action that cause the appearance of conspicuous consumption to be a happiness to them, they relating to only those events of happening that give off a sensation that cause things to appear the way that they are not, and it take a believer to be comfortable in only that which is being looked at to be True and Real to the life of Black so call Afrikan people, every where we are on this planet.

    There are those Black people whereby only the appearance of success move to generate within us the illogical of accepting that which look like success, freedom, and justice, not that it has to be a Divine Reality that the Black life can enjoy, just the appearance of it, such is satisfying to some of us Black people.

    Such Black people are delusional in their defining of Freedom, self respect, happiness, and justice, as those principles are to apply to the life of Black People, so some black people have been conned and influenced in living a life of transference aggression in favor of irrational emotion pacification, such being based on what the Black mind has been conditioned to look at as being success when such looking at only give off the appearance of the illusion of success and we glorify and accept such to be the Black life accepting of what is to be True and Real to our Black Human Being Life.

    So there is no wonder there are some Black people who do not want to hear anything that might be revealing the Divine Truth about the inaction of Obama doings, which do not serve to the beneficial freedom, sovereignty of the Black life, nor to the independence, Joy, and Justice for the Black life to appreciate to be the Black life Divine Reality and truth.

    So the question, What Are We Who Do Not Go Blindly Into The Light Of Obama?

    Are we to be looked upon as the unfits among Black people?

    Are we to be labeled to be Envious and Jealous of Obama?

    Are we to be unfit to be referred to as Black Americans in America?

    Are we to be referred to as enemies of Obama, therefore to Black people?

    Tell me, what are we who do not go marching gladly into the deceiving light of lies, glorifying President Obama, even when there is not one act by Obama that give justification for Black people blind trust in Obama, we hold to just our irrational emotion that have us so full of the delusion of sensational happiness, without a just cause.

    Why are we looked at with such disdain by the irrational and illogical supporters of Black people for Obama, he who clearly states to you that he is president of America and in America, Race is and should not be a factor in determining the Racism in America.

    You have the likes of a Bill Cosby alluding to the act of America Racism against our Enslaved Ancestors as being just a mistake that happen in the action of carrying out the act of Chattel Slavery against our Enslaved Ancestors and that Black people should just ignore that Racist act against our Enslaved Ancestors, forget about it, and concentrate in brain washing our children into believing that America is the best place for their life to be.

    Yet all of the while our children are not looking but seeing the inaction of their parents of not telling them the Divine Truth about America Racist tactics that is used to Dumb Down the Black Race, no, our children must not relay to their parents and the grown ups in America that which they see concerning the injustice that Black people face every day in America.

    Yes, go and explain to our Black Children why it is that Black folks unemployment rate is higher than others in America, explain to them why it is that the prison population is over flowing in the majority with Black People, you tell them why is it that they do not do as well as others when taking those tests given by America Racist Education system, no, you explain to them why it is the Drugs are on the Streets of the Black community and they are the street pusher child, trying to make a dollar in order to keep up with the advertising conditioning of a Racist Media system.

    You go and explain to our children why it is that you have sat around on your do nothing Black behind for five Hundred Years, seeking only your superficial status in America, marveling in your act of conspicuous consumption just for your selfish vain egotistical glory, while the Black children become of no value in a Racist Capitalist Economic deceptive democratic system of America.

    Yet you do nothing lackeys of a Racist America System, a system that have you with no bravery of energy to deal with the issue of Race in America, as you phony Black Hypocritical poor excuse for being Black and Afrikan, refuse to deal with the problem that you should know is killing our children, while you go gallivanting around pretending that America Racist society is the best thing going for the lives of our Black Children.

    You are a Fool, a Big **** Fool to push America Racism onto our children, taking your cue from the Racist Authority that is planning the Black Afrikan Demise by not letting Black people to know the Divine Truth about our Black so call Afrikan Selves.

    You Black supporters of America Racism and Obama Deceiving action, you have the audacity to look down on the Mind of Black People who refuse to get caught up in this ignorant game of pretending all is well for Black people in America, as you witness the Mental decline of our children who have been reduce to mimic the spirit of a hoodlum and act it out as a gangster on the street corners where they live, and you do nothing but try and sell America Racist system to them, as your sorry Black behind point a finger of condemnation against our Children instead of acting to rescue our children from the Evil of America Racism.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be kind To your self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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