Black Spirituality Religion : What are we so confused about Anti-Christ?


Aug 18, 2013
I see all this misinformation, disinformation and outright lies all over the internet, it just frightens me to know I'm living in a world of idiots. I don't watch television for one, maybe that could be the reason my views are so different, stop watching television and pick up a book. Trust Black authors, they have done their research, especially the Black PHDs, Finch, Clarke, Blair, Diop and others. But on to the topic at hand, the Anti-Christ.

Many of you don't even know what Christ means, how can you even know what Anti-Christ means? Christ is a Roman word, taken from their predecessor conquers the Greeks, Greeks had the word Cristos, taken from the their predecessor conquers the Aryans. When the Aryans aka Barbaric Whites living in the roped in Europe, confined by giant walls pretty much like the one their building around the Mexican border, they broke out of their confinement and invaded Indo-Kush Valley. The Indo-Kush was an empire pretty much like most African, Kemetic, Axum, Ashanti and Ile Ife, they were monarchs stacked on top of monarchs, in other words they lived out the phrase King of Kings with the Pharoah, the Ooni of Ile Ife and many kings in Africa ruled over other kings via tributary systems, so did Asia have such a monarch stack system adopted from the Nok civilization of Africa . The Aryans called the monarchs aka kings they encountered Krishna which means Black King. The mulatto Hindus are the ones who adopted Aryan and language after being conquered by them, just the same as Hispanics native Indians of South America adopted Spanish and Portuguese language and culture. What's so different about this? Nothing. The pattern is the same as the one we have, we have adopted by force the custom, religion and language of our slave masters.

Christ means Black King period! Anyone who is an Anti-Christ is an anti-Black King. Nostradamus first two anti-Christ are Napoleon and Hitler both white rulers who their empires ruled over and made much of their gain off of the exploitation of Africa. So it is the same with the last one, the third Anti-Christ, he shall be a ruler of a White Nation, take out all of the Christian crap that has nothing to do with Nostradamus predictions about the end times. Remove all the Christianity versus Islam crap as well, neither of these religions are the so-called religions of God. The idea that you can force your religion on others, then brag about sheer number of followers and wealth you have stolen as justification of God's choosing you then that's atrocious to say the least.

No advanced civilization that has furthered human wisdom and understanding about God's creation got to be superior as the result of war. There is no Holy war, war is evil. Christianity and Islam are the world's two largest religions mainly because both have used war and destruction to build their fabulous and stunning churches and mosques. The infrastructure of Christian and Muslim nations are wealthy and stunning because their people committed theft, robbery and brutal enslavement of others. Separating church from state doesn't change this fact, although Islam keeps mostly a theological nation ruled by clerics, Saudi Arabia is a prime example of war states who have used religion to gain their nation's wealth then separate Islam from their rulership to make it appear something sophisticated. So is the same with most if not all Christian and Muslim nations, the change the world thinks will come from some Savior shall not appear amongst these war-mongers and thieves. If you're not on board with this then I question whether you even understand history or just trying to deceive.

Although I am highly critical but I am none the less on point. No change shall come from any of these sources who have corrupted divine cosmic law in the name of false gods they have created for enslavement. Africa is the future, no land on Earth is more blessed, who has more sophisticated culture and civilization that stems back 1000s years before B.C, that was ruled over by monarchs, who do you think the King of the South is in Nostradamus predictions? This planet is divided by lands from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere, East and West only changes/divides time zones not land and culture. The King of the South is Africa, The Kings of the North are the nomadic tribes, barbaric people descended from or still practicing nomadic beliefs.

What are nomadic beliefs? I shall let you know, it is the Zoroaster theory that the universe consists of two opposing forces of good and idea, God and the Devil. This non-truthful philosophy keeps people enslaved, introduces the idea of a devil or Satan who is responsible for evil in the world, instead placing the blame where it lies upon the poor character of some people. People are responsible for evil not any invisible being, sure there is influence I wouldn't doubt we all have temptations but the choice is ours.

Nomadic people have proven themselves aggressive and evil, Europeans, Asians, Arabs and people of the Northern Hemisphere who ancestors were struggling with nature.Who became envious of the prosperous situations of nations in the Southern Tropical Hemisphere of the planet, where mankind originated. God didn't plant human life in any cold environment, this would have made it impossible for us to have evolved. And thus lies the trouble with the people of the North or Kings of the North, they lust war, they believe in blaming Devils and Satans for their sins instead of improving the character of their people. They have forced their limited ideas upon the rest of the world, they have not produced peace in this world but have furthered war and destruction.

The third Anti-Christ shall appear amongst people of the North, as they hate or abhor African civilization, our traditions hate war. We didn't build or originate the old world on war, instead we improved the life of those around us. Nearly all of our revered ancestors are those who lived pure, bettered their fellow human beings, improved civilization in some major way. Their heroes, Hero taken from Heru, are scroudels immortalized into Gods as if character doesn't matter at all into why a person becomes immortal. If there is some king to come he will undoubtedly appear amongst us, we are the great people Nostradamus speaks of. We are the only people in history who have built great empires from a peaceful stance. So I challenge you to challenge my definition of Anti-Christ, it is not the religious Christian-Muslim mumbo jumbo that you are so accustomed, the Black King shall rise is Nostradamus words. The Christ is not the President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, he may in fact be opposed to the King of Africa because in his mind the U.S is number one. So if you come to challenge me be prepared to lose if you come with antiqued nonsense.

More later.


Aug 18, 2013
One thing about the Birthers is not to be laughed at, they actually weren't fooled for one minute. The idea that a white lady gave birth to a mulatto son, whose father is deceased and family estranged is odd. Born in Hawaii supposively, raised in a non-black environment, sent to the best schools in the U.S and overseas, then moves to a predominant black city i.e Chicago. Didn't the idea, Ancestry Dot Com, traced Obama's white mother's lineage to Cheney and Bush bother some of you? Mind you that Obama works on the behalf of White Supremacy, yet still Aryanas aka Whites aren't satisfied with him? Sure, Pres. Obama gets the typical hate a Black president would receive but he still works in White interests. But the racist thing about the Birthers is obvious, no Black group or Arab could pull off getting Obama elected into office in order to betray the United States, this could only come from within from well established secret society Whites. But this happens when you have a twisted mind and think automatically black is evil and white is good, so I don't support the Birthers but they did raise a reasonable objection, where did Obama come from?

The President is just a figure head, merely there for inspiration, to inspire what though? This is a White nation for White people who run the world and want to continue running the world. Is this what he inspires? Unending and never ending White Supremacy. They say he's a president for all people, sure I've heard the augment but no U.S President has ever been for all people, not one. They all, U.S presidents, have been for White special interests groups and the ruling White 1% percent of wealth holders. Is this what some of you are falling out and fawning all over, a White Savior in a black body? The man has been treated like a rock star, he hasn't done anything to change the corrupt nature of this country nor the way the world is heading towards disaster. What he has done is give some of you slaves, more hope that Western Civilization, which is about conquest and subjugation, will change its ugly stripes. That a nation that once barred our ancestors from voting now has changed and decided to allow us a seat at the power table. Is that what is happening? Do you see more Blacks in superior positions, truly affecting change in the nation or is it more of the same or worse? Hmmm...answer me.

More later.


Aug 18, 2013
Don't spend too much time talking about the President, as Blacks we are the most monitored group now, because the President is Black also despite his mis-loyalties. 911 was an excuse for establishing wider control over U.S citizens, Snowden risked his life to tell the dirty secrets of the U.S intelligence community. They target people specifically, this is the reason for all the surveillance, they want to identify who is awake and eliminate them in an isolated fashion. This policy is aimed at suppressing dissent, the one thing they don't want is for Blacks in the U.S to suddenly wake up and stop buying, investing and believing in the United States. If you want out then you should make preparations to live abroad, learn the lesson and move on with your life. You can't sacrifice your life for the sleep walking, dead, don't won't to be moved, don't won't to be aware slave Negroes. This is what is holding us back, us.

When a people are enslaved they lost their minds, hearts and souls to their en-slavers. Very few of them will ever once conquered, re-educated and indoctrinated with the enemy's programming, make it back to their own ancestral origins. This is why the Babylon prophecy says only an 144,000 will make it out. It's actually a hidden numerology meaning behind that number, 1+4+4=9 and 0 has no value. 9 is the number of Oya, but the number of the humanitarian, so in essence those who serve others. You don't serve people by sacrificing yourself for them but by building a better world in a substance type way. And as Jesus said, you can't build a house just anywhere. The U.S is no longer attractive to alot of people because its become a totalitarian police state, its always been that for Blacks but now for everyone. Many Whites, Arabs and people of all races are politically targeted by the shadow government via Cointelpro aka counterintelligence.

Trust me, comment on my intellectual points but stay away from open criticism of the President. They will gang stalk you, which means they will put you on a blacklist, watch you and let you know they are watching you, interfere in your life, by turning people against you even your family. This is what the Romans did to Jesus, they blacklisted him, they followed him around, they used the information they gathered to find those around Jesus they could turn, they turned Judas, the priests, then the people. They discredited Jesus, which means they framed him, then had him arrested on false charges, sentenced by a corrupt judges then executed. Do you want this to happen to you? They did this to Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Martin Luther King and many others. If this won't work they will poison you like they did Dr.Khalid, I was in Atlanta and I saw him many times and he was in perfect health, months later he died of a brain stroke. Live wisely. Forget these dumb negroes, raise money so you can leave, go do something positive, help the children of the world who's parents actually want to their children to live in a better world. These Negroes love it here, do you want to die for house *******?

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