Black People : What are we doing? What have we done?

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    Wednesday during Brother Oldsoul class. Someone brought up.

    The subject of Blacks entertaining. Doing nothing except entertaining from slavery days to date.

    What are we doing? Are we turning on ourselves?

    Trying not to look and act a certain way so the enemy won’t hurt our feelings?

    With stereotypes and possibly black face ridicule that will be thrown in our path.

    By those who do not have our interest. Black and White. Oh yes there are both.

    Is there a fear Whites will be using. Justin Timberlake, and bringing back Vanilla Ice, and Eminem as Grand Masters.

    They may because they do like the music. Their kids can't get enough. So the attack is to minimize us. Make us hate ourselves and the things they attack.

    Like our skin maybe?

    Eating our own nature? Turning our back on natural progression.

    You try telling some of these young men and women. To give up the love of music or rap and be prepared. The battle is up a steep hill.

    It dawned on me. Entertainment is what we do. There is nothing wrong with entertainment. One thing that has always brought us together and improved our economic situation is the ability for us to be entertaining for each others enjoyment. And to make a living.

    I suppose the roaring twenty’s was a good time. The way it is depicted. I would like to have been born at that time in history. I am stuck in many ways on things from that era.

    I collect memorabilia, stamps, and other collectibles from that period. I like watching movies that were made in the 1930’s. I particularly like how some of the fashions women wore then.

    A fashion designer could create some throw backs that would be fashionable today.

    The shoes were nice women wore as well. They have a style, simplicity and functionality that is appealing.
    I admit. I have a foot fetish and I like looking at women’s feet in shoes and out of shoes... :em0100:

    I bring up the entertaining because. I believe that there should be as much art practiced today.

    Real instruments played, bands formed, music and dance enjoyed to our entertainment and survival. Entertainment to us is a natural endeavor.

    The comments made Wednesday night were about us entertaining and acting a fool to entertain whites.

    After thinking about what was shared. I have to disagree to an extent.

    Our children need arts, music, and I believe what we really see (are experiencing today) is death of character. Our natural instinctive character is dead or dying.

    Today we have music. It is synthesized. It is produced with no skill or real talent. If music was blood we are allowing our bodies to dry up.

    There should be support to bring back what could be very well our heart beat. One of our long traditional survival mechanisms. Entertainment.

    We will support each other. For sure.

    Talent expressed by the young and old. Breaks the poverty that is certain.

    Crime and boredom is challenged. Creativity is the new challenge. Boredom is cured. A chance for expression again.

    Growing up I had a Drum set, and some Congas. Today I have a Tenor sax, an electric guitar, amplifier and Mic ( for my karaoke practice ) and a flute. Those instruments don’t get a lot of play lately. But they are cherished still the same. Nothing like a sax playing to sooth the (my) blues.

    Don’t kill off a (a natural known history endeavor we certainly are good at) life line.

    That supports ( THEM ) to defeat us.

    As it has been said... There is no shame in the game!

    Today is a time for the entrepreneur experience. Those who really know and see history in all its facets.

    There has been African American growth and prosperity.

    Every time there is CHANGE or some Tragedy fallen onto this land of the United States.

    What has happened is the enemy is busy and if we don't get busy. The window closes.

    Take the civil war. we grew after that. We had successful people immediately over night. Lawyers, Doctors, the Right to Vote, Senators in Washington and Land Ownership.

    The roaring twenty's after the stock market crash.

    The growth after the World Wars. Both.

    Aviation became part of our legacy.

    They use us. Someone said Wednesday. Turn that back.. use them to get what we need and want.

    Learn the ways and laws of the enemy and oppressor. Press him to respect you. Call foul evertime you are violated. Turn the gun back on those who have a gun on you.

    An investment in music, poetry, painting and the arts today, will station our children well into their future.


    They love music. Nothing wrong with rap, and hip hop. What is missing is instrument talent.

    Alisha Keys. Her talent on the piano. Is Lasting.

    Motown days may be gone, but the life in us must forever go on.
    To each other and for each other.

    Entertainment generates revenue, income and a chance to be self supportive, self sufficient, and independent... That is the goal.

    I want to see talent, with singing, and instruments. I want to pay to see us play, and grow.

    Me paying to see it. Enjoy entertainment and individual creativity if that is your yearn.

    Don’t shoot the piano player!

    Let him finish this song. :glasses:
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    definitely, let him finish playing ...

    on that piano made by ... made with materials processed by ...

    in that spot more than likely financed by ... illuminated by ...

    totally aside from the fact that this planet was a whole lot cleaner, in every way, before that fiction called money showed up ...

    in every way, every day everybody keeps saying "we don't like/want that", but keep getting up every morning and heading in to the plantation to keep slaving for ... and that is "supreme lunacy" ...
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    We are a talented, intelligent people. We excel in the arts and sciences and inventions and athletically. So, there is nothing wrong with "entertaining," be it with instruments or acting or singing or poetry or sports.

    We are resourceful at taking the most seemingly insignificant thing and making positive use of it. We have an innate forte for creating. We can't help it cuz we're so well-rounded. :em0100: Shake them haterz off! lol

    Rap is poetry.

    IMO, as for rap/hip hop, our children just need some direction. Then, they can use their lyrical talents to reach and teach their peers and adults through their music. They do need an outlet. For many of them, no one is listening to them. No one hears their cries for help and hurts and fears and dreams.