Black Poetry : What are the requirements?

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    I did my research
    you look up the requirements
    of starting a driver's school
    for passengers and commercial.

    If you have a criminal record
    then get it expunged
    or take the necessary redeeming courses
    which most these days are online
    and you do the hourly approach
    get your certificate
    and file it
    along with getting your degree or two
    relating to the business you are starting
    even write a book to be published
    have a non-profit organization which donates
    towards the appropriate market you are forever in debt to.

    Acquire the necessary tools
    like i did
    and used your plumbing skills
    and just connect ideas
    routing them all back into the original vision you were first given
    mine are employing and contracting Have-Nots and the likes
    from Territory to West Coast of my lineages
    i mean who else are going to hire and contract them?
    Only time will tale...
    in the meanwhile think plan simulate then take action
    separate your personal life from business
    and be that go-getter
    a leader
    momentum changer
    the alpha
    of your better times
    and keep competing against your last times
    just like that...
    and remember you can never compete against anyone else
    cause if you could then you would be just like them
    and fortunately for us all it is no one same of anything or one...
    just likeness or opposite.

    So once again
    what are the requirements?
    Not to forget your own drink too
    what are the state and federal requirements
    you must go through
    in order to sell your drink retail and wholesale?
    Add your own drink machine
    and you can post up your product
    with your own brand and logo artistically
    you see me clearly now?
    Be yourself to the endless
    and remember expansion never hurts
    cause after all we all grow right?
    Well i hope so....
    until then keep your mind on your what?
    Yeah thats right...your business
    and watch your economy grow
    whether it is micro or macro
    from here to yonder
    don't forget to explore other countries
    cause a passport is nothing like access to international funds
    i been to Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands
    and i tell you it is all to the good with correct spoken languages
    all about your business and economics...
    see in the United States i done been to
    California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington
    and there is nothing but opportunity in each of those states also when it comes to business you choose to handle and like i said you gotta be third eye open paying attention to the scene you in as your own movie cause everybody cannot be a rapper or a doctor or a lawyer or a journalist or a tribesmen or a Queen or a whore or a dummy or a homosexual and you get it right? So be yourself dayum self and keep your hood out to just keep on sliding on ain't nothing to fear but life itself if you take a hit of your inner true being a bee like the Tuskagee Men and just fly on your trip with the pilot license in your pocket along with that degree to be like yeah you punkblankblank of an enemy i finally made it and so hear my sonic boom....and if they say you can't fly then outlaw do ships by going to Ethiopia and you just keep outlawing every potential obstacle as a proactive measure you know you gotta be the wolf who has already been there and done that without no one knowing so if trouble think crime is you who will commit it then guess what? They thought wrong....and just breathe your winter breath while showing your fangs to let em know that geah the situation is about to get even realer and it ain't no way they gon out-survive you cause you being the survival of the fittest said-sow rite? Now that's my Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished for life and be brave by riding convoy deep and let's ride(echoing)....