Black People : What are the Keys?


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Jan 14, 2005
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Development has to start within. Were we robbed of our Desire to Dream?
Slavery took more than Freedom but isn't freedom a state of mind.

I have noticed that White Americans if they don't understand the language your speaking. lf you speak Chinese, or Vietnamese. They respect them more. When they are at work they are chatting about personal things. The boss never tells them to keep quiet. If I start a conversation and it is not work related I am wasting time.

We need to learn another language. Chinese or Japanese would be helpful as far as getting work. We could be translators for those corporate groups. They pay quite a bit and we would travel as well. We need to get beyond our block and see the world.

If your on the East Coast and never have been to the West Coast, vice-versa_or Traveled to Hawaii ( Hawaii has Over 100 plus the eight main islands _ some are restricted . The natives wear nothing. ) your missing some travel in life. Go get your Hula on.
A poem from my infamous as opposed to famous poetry collections entitled "FRUSTRATIONS vented by Hasty Orisons"!


The past shapes the FUTURE, a fact anyone can easily see;
AFRICA’S history’s literally jammed with wide Cultural diversity
Relating to medicine, various sciences, art and religious mythology.
So elitist/ignorantly violent European Forces, came/hungrily devoured
The new technology and ideals while consciously HATING the source.
Religion and Culture are always inextricably welded or linked,
Problems arise when you don’t exclude RACIALLY, seriously think.
Tribal/Cultural differences should be restrained/forgotten or stored
Whenever outside RACES threaten or attempt to engulf your shores;
Savage short- sighted ignorance are tools of FOREIGN divide and rule.
Without an integrated defence facility AFRICA literally fell apart miserably,
To a SADISTICALLY cunning race, selfishly intent en mass on material gain,
Under the pretext of CIVILISING thus spreading CHRIST’S Earthly domain,
The widespread resistance was outmanoeuvred, very forcefully destroyed;
With terrifying BRUTALITY and perverse cruelty, a sick SPIRIT breaking ploy.

The SOCIO-INDUSTRIAL infrastructure was broken up, to nothing reduced
Along with widespread SLAVERY/DEBAUCHERY and violent physical abuse;
Making sure AFRICA would never again be able to INDUSTRIALLY produce.
“Why should they? We can produce everything they’ll ever NEED TO USE,
Thus extortionate prices we’ll set will always have to somehow be met”.
Why can’t they create, innovate, produce and become genuinely free?
Instead of the constant FIGHTING/KILLING and always failing to agree”.
The answer is far from simply monetarily advancing, finding/using the key
To material prosperity in truly spectacular style for all the World to see;
Thus cleverly winning the money game, earning fame/widespread acclaim.
FREEDOM is a thing that is far from easy to know, really define
As it can easily simultaneously be relative to both body and mind.
One thing AFRICANS must realise, adjust to, focus on and readily face;
Whites still NEVER EVER mean to totally FREE the AFRICAN RACE,
Chains were only removed once strong MENTAL ones were in place.
Nurturing brutally self-hating elitist ideal’s worsening of our state
MISINFORMATION; a very powerful TOOL, so useful in creating fools.
Engrossed in the illusion WHITE MIGHT’S all-powerful, totally infinite;
Forgetting the simple insight, one who’s never ever treated you right
Is thus extremely unlikely to be the one who’ll ever TEACH you right.
UNDER-DEVELOPMENT of the most malicious, sick, really vicious kind
Is normally a direct result of constantly wrong ‘footing’ a man’s mind.
Totally mis-representing with LIES/ignoring in fact how Caucasians stole
From the AFRICANS knowledge of African history and relevant artefacts;
Reinforcing their folklore, “Africans have never ever been CIVILISED before”.
African re-development in Africa or in anyone’s Country/Domain
Must begin with a conscious flexible re-programming of our BRAINS.
Loving ourselves for what we really are, the SOURCE; from which all
Men developed themselves/their Cultures and technological resources.
Even in the present day AFRICAN* SCIENTISTS are helping to lead the way.
Because Monetary slavery is on the attack, only a very concerted
Carefully thought out policy is the way to hit back. Concentrate on
Food production, stab the CASH CROPS/MINERALS subtly in the back.
Self-sufficiency in FOOD ensures our survival/a politically stable mood;
While predatory Euro centric Economists claim you’re PRIMITIVE/CRUDE.
You have no money” they’ll slyly crow, deliberately being mocking/cruel,
“We need no MONEY, AFRICANS grow/equably distribute all of our own food.
Without the wealth our Foodstuffs/Minerals provide, your whole MONETARY
SYSTEM will crash; we’ll all see where your GREATNESS/RICHES really resides.
SURVIVAL won’t be easy gentlemen on only DOLLARS, POUNDS, MARKS and YEN.

*There are a considerable number of Afro-Americans employed by NASA in the most advanced research and development work currently being conducted on this planet. Dr Lloyd Quarterman was part of the Manhattan Project (the team that developed the first Atomic bomb); when asked if there were other Afro-American scientists on the project he replied, “Yes there were six of us”.

In the 1970’s he was ready to produce “Chemical Blood”; but despite (or maybe because of) his proven track record of brilliantly innovative success, he was unable to get funding. White supremacist Racists in the status quo literally could not cope with yet another superb success and the magnitude of his genius.

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

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