Black People Politics : What Are The Issues And Problems You Are Concerned About?!?

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by chuck, May 22, 2016.

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    Please let us stay in touch with reality in 2016!

    First up:

    Raising the mimimum raise rate isn't the same thing as providing adequate vocational training or decent job options...

    And even a college degree only boosts the possilibility of getting better career options...


    Whatever the facts:

    John Carey is this nation's present secretary of state in 2016...

    And there hasn't been another big terrorist attack on this nation since those highjacked airlines got used liked missiles to bring down those two WTC towers etc...

    My prayers do up to
    the famílies of more recent terrorist attacks, and pray this nation's defenders jail all who are connected with those slayings of black church members in South Carolina, too...

    My prayers also go up for the victims around the globe, and in the middleeast in particular...

    But unresolved issues on the U. S. mainland concern and worry me as well...

    And what IS the black fella in the white house proposing to actually DO about this nation's mass jailing of black males in general and young black males in particular?!?

    I. e., the early parole or release of non violent black convicts falls far short of actually making the present institutions truly fair and just...

    Actions do speak louder than words:

    And all we're hearing does come across as just a lot of noise...

    My point?

    Let us also hold accountable all who ask us for our advice and our support (aka our votes)...