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    The most common mistake is imagining planes as layers of Strata .or fine matter lying one above the other in space . Planes are distinct and intricate Moods Of Vibration , Woven into one another so uniquely that one cannot determine where one plane begins and the other ends . Nothing in creation rest , Everything you Hear , Taste or Faeel Vibrates . The natural mood of vibration ranges from very high and fast to very lowand slow , There are Seven Planes or Heavens , The lowest and the slowest is the Material or Physical Plane . While the fastest and highest is the plane where one is in Total Union And Bliss With God ,
    Do The Words '' Planes '' And '' Heavens ' Apply To The Same Thing ?
    The heavens are regions of The Mental Plane And Higher .
    What Are The Seven Planes ?
    The seven planes are ;
    1 . The material or physical plane
    2 . The plane of force ,
    3 . The spiritual plane ,
    4 . The mental plane ,
    5 . The plane of divine truth
    6 . The plane of divine reality ,
    7 . The bosom of God
    Ques ; Can The Planes Be Described ?
    Yes . the following chart describes the seven planes .
    Advanced Mental
    Ether body Ether soul
    Lahuwt 1 The bosom 7 Eterual bliss
    Heavenly Abode Of God
    2 Divine reality 6 Spark of life
    3 Divine truth 5 Guardian angels
    The fourth plane is where man and mind meet
    And they balance everything .
    Malakuwt 4 Mental plane 4 Spirit / soul = 8
    Angelic abode
    Thoughts are
    5 Spiritual plane 3 Emotions are
    6 Plane of force 2 The force
    Voluntary and
    Actions which
    Is life's substance
    Naasut 7 Material 1 Carnal desire
    Physical abode
    Spirit Body Material
    Submerged Mental
    The seven planes or heavens are divided up into three worlds , as explained earlier , Also known as Realms or Abodes , These realms are , Laahuwt , The Realm of God , Malakuwt , The Realm of The Angelic Beings , And Naasuwt The Realm of Mortals ( Man & Woman ) . Adam had knowledge of all Three Realms called
    '' HAA - ULAA - I '' The Seven Plances or Heavens also have Seven Sub - Plnes , which You are able to see by the Seven Sub - Planes of The Material Plane .
    Ques ; Can You Explain Each Of These Planes Or Heavens ?
    Yes . The Material or Physical Plane is the governor of carnal desire . It is the physical or material plane human being dwell on . It is partly made up of Solids , Liquids , and Gases , if you feel that everything that exists , exists only on this physcial plane , meaning that nothing extra exists outside of this plane , You are wrong . There is still much to be discovered on this plane . Western Scientists limit the physical plane to just these three substances , When there are many more forms or states of being within the phsical plane ,
    The Plane Of Force is the force between Voluntary and Involuntary actions . The plane of force and the Material Plane work together in Perfect harmony . If this were not true , The Cycles Of Nature would not be completed so perfectly and faithfully each year . This plane is largely composed of Etheric duplicates of objects on the physical plane , or counterparts Etheric refers to The Spiritual part of You ; As Above ... So Below , On The Spiritual Plane , There Is No Distance Temperature , Seasons , Day , Night , And It Is Not Very Subject To Gravitation . The plane of force is Governed by a force called Attraction and it all around us , And it's as much a part of our makeup as The Material Plane , You are not able to detect it because Your senses are not conditioned . However , Beyond The Sub -Planes of Etheric Duplicates of The Plane of force is a vast Reservoir of forces which very few have knowledge of . These forces control the forces that result in what we know to be '' Nature '' The higher forces can also be held Accountable for the many So - called '' Wonder And Supernatural '' Phenomenon of The Material Plane . The lowest forces consist of ordinary forms of Energy like heat , light , attraction , electricity , Etc , but the higher force are those forms of energy which are finer , They give man / woman and nature Vitality and the Ability to grow and reproduce . This Vital Force which sets life on the physical into motion and is responsible for growth and Reproduction is called Nafas in Ashuric / Syriac Galilean ( Arabic ) which means '' Spirit '' The Spark Of Life '' . The Hindus call it '' Prana '' And in Hebrew it's called Nafesh . Which means '' Breath '' Every Action And Reaction of growth and Reproduction Is A Result from the life force . This takes us to The Spiritual Plane '' Where Emotions Are Manifested .
    Ques ; What Is The Spiritual Plane ?
    The spiritual plane is also called The '' Astral Plane '' , It is the plane where You decide whether You move to a higher plane or burn out Your desire for The Physical , Material ( Lower ) plane , where You exhaust all Individuality, Such As Pride , Conciet , Greed , Envy , Hunger , Fear , Hate , Jealousy , just to name A Few . This is also the plane of Judgment , By which HumanBeings Are Judged '' By Sins '' Rather Than For Them . This Plane Decides Your Permanent Destination . The HumanBeing Who Have Strong Love For The Physical World Will Greatly Desire Rebirth Into The Physical ( Lower ) plane . One cannot pass directly from the physical plane to The Spiritual Plane , <You deeds determine whether or not You proceed or recycle into Incarnation ( Possessing Human Form ) . The Spiritual Body , Which Is The Shell Of The Soul , Houses Itself It On The Spiritual Plane . The Spiritual Body May Continue To Live For An Extended Amount Of Years Depending On The Spiritual Staus Of The Person >
    This is the plane where You can become Eloheem Gen 6 ; 1 - 4 ,
    Psalm 82; 1 , 82 ; 6 , John 10 ; 34 - 34 .. by taking Responsibilties , And not be wonder , How do you know after you die You're going to a higher life ? can You prove it ? Can You back it up by facts ?Yet the spirit fights the urge to go back to A Lower Plane and Encourages the soul to rise in The Spiritual Plane ,
    Ques ; Can The Physical Body Ascend To The Spiritual Plane
    ( Heaven ) ?
    Yes , as soon as one gives up the desire for the material things of this world , that person becomes free to material things of this world , that person becomes free to travel through the plane at will . If one masters those desires of the physical plane , And is pure in heart , then one can visit and Ascend To The Spiritual Plane . However , one cannot pass directly from the physical plane to The Spiritual Plane . The Spiritual Body Differs from The Physical body in that it lives longer , but even the Spiritual body is not immortal , if finally Disintegrates and also resolves into its original elements , When one Ascends , like mentioned earlier , the physical body appears to be in Slumber , In A Dream like syate or in A Trance . This is the time when the spiritual body can act freely upon the physical body , drawing the Spirit and the Soul upward . During these hours of sleep , it is quite easy to Ascend Accidentally . There are two ways to Ascend from the Physical , and they are the following , 1 . With the body raising the vibration of Your physical body up to the level of Your spirit and soul . And then continuing to raise the vibration until you can pass through You Ethereal Cord freely , taking the physical body with You . 2 . Leaving the body and only allowing the spirit and soul to Ascend .
    Ques ; Has Anyone Ever Been Able To Ascend To The Spiritual Plane Without Dying ?
    Yes , there have been well - disciplined men / female that have Achieved '' Perfection '' and were able to Ascend to the Spiritual Plane without dying . They were Selected into '' The Mystery Schools Learned the laws of life , followed the teachings and passed the Ultimate test where they became Upright Men / Woman '' All the prophets like Enoch , Noah , Jesus , Al Mahdi ,Just to name a few , were taught the mysteries , and traveled '' The Journey Of Life .
    Ques ; Can The Spiritual Body Be Seen ?
    Yes the spiritual body ( Spiritual Visions ) can be seen . but only by those who have are again Disciplined themselves and have mastered the physical plane . The Spiritual Body is seen in the form of A Vapory matter that LQQks like Haze or Fog , which often is Alluded to as a
    '' Ghost '' Ghost is pale , therefore , the last stage of color , Ghost are conscious gases which have less various gases in it than Six ( 6 ) Ether , which is less than Nine ( 9 ) Ether , and Nine ( 9 ) Ether is acombination of all existing gases of nature , Since 9Ether becomes 6 Ether Through time andage and 6 Ether is 9 Ether in death , Six Ether also becomes Ghost through time and age , And is ghost in death , thus , ghost is death of death ,When Six ( 6 ) Ether Reaches its climax in Evolution , . The devil deceives man / woman into believeing that there is aphysical heaven and hell awaiting him / her after death , When Your Heaven And Hell Rests Inside Of You As Your War Between The Higher And Lower Self - < The Physical Verse The Spiritual Forces > This life is just a preparation for the hereafter , where you will be judged by your deeds and intentions . So , know that this life Represents Your last chance of Redemption '' And for this cause he is the mediator of the New Testament , That By means of death , for the redemption of the transgressions that were under The First Testament , They Which are called might receive The promise of Eternal Inheritance
    ( Hebrew 9 ; 15 ) ...What you do in this realm ( world ) determines your future in The Hereafter . < If You Indulge Yourself By Giving Into All Your Carnal Desires , You Will Surely Suffer The Pains Of Hell . But If You Proclaim , Pray , Fast , Share In The Name Of God , You Will Transecnd This Wretched World , By Revitalizing Your Spiritual Senses And Paradies Will Enfold You . If You Are Not Nourishing Your Soul . Which Is The '' Vehicle '' To The Heavens , Your Hereafter will be shared with those who are despised in the Sight Of God Revelation 18 ; 14 >
    Ques ; What Are The '' Spiritual Senses ?
    The term '' Spiritual Senses '' refers to a Secondary set of Senses Corresponding to the senses of the physcial world , in other words , The Earthly Senses Of Hearing , Seeing , Feeling , Smelling And Tasting Have spiritual counterparts by which The Spiritual Body Receives Impressions . The Spiritual Senses Function On The Spiritual Plane with The Spiritual Body , Just AsOur Physical Senses Do On The Material ( Physical ) Plane Within The Physical Body .
    So How Many Senses Does The Human Body Have ?
    The HumanBeing in reality has Nine Senses and not Five ; Psychometry , Intuition , Telepathy , Clairvoyance , Touch , Taste , Hear , Smell , And Feel . When you condense the five Human Senese You Really Come Up With One Sense . And That Is The Sense , Feel '' Touch '' . < When You Taste , Its A Sense Of Touch '' For Matter Touches Taste Buds . When You Smell , Its A Sense Of '' Tpoch '' For Particles Touch And Nerves React To Smell . When You Hear , Its A Sense Of '' Touch '' Because Sound Waves Touch The Eardrum Then Cause It To Vibrate . When You ' See Its A Sense Of '' Touch '' Because Light Has To Touch The Cornea To Enter The Iris , Which Enables You To See . Humans Once Had Four Higher Senses , Which Are >
    Telepathy <> mental communication , the transfernce of thoughts from one bether to another without the use of words or wires ,
    Intution <> the quick perception of truth by the mind without the intervention of any process of thought ,
    Psychometry <> object - reading , the ability to identifly oe tell something about an object by picking up thought waves implanted by someone previously associated with the article ;
    Clairvoyance <> clear - sight , to see into the other dimensions , second sight - an awareness of distinct object and events ,
    These four higher Senses also come down to one sense . They are all a sense of Perception . Now , to '' Touch '' which was the sum of the other five physical sense is to perceive therefore , You only have one sense . And that is the sense of '' Perception '' Then there is '' Extra Sensory Perception , commonly known as '' ESP '' , which are other sense that are not adequately matured in the average human being , The four highter sensesare not sufficiently developed because of the removal of the Barathary Gland .
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    wow! thankz for adding this very intresting info.
    as i follow it down to reach the full understanding
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    I love your work...and obviously you must understand that those caught in the realm of ORGANIZED RELIGION have yet to be DEPROGRAMMED IN ORDER TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND AS YOU DO. THE PEOPLE WANT KOOL AID NOT FRUIT JUICE. That which requires effort on their part is too much like work...something they would rather not do. We will converse. Although this is under Queen tswana...this is her king...Keita Kenyatta responding to you . Thank You
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    It my pleasure

    Peace To You And Your Mate
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    I am sincerely humbled by your vast knowledge of the creation. It is for this reason I joined the destee organization. I look forward to reading your discussions with hopes of attaining a higher level of understanding. Peace and Blessing to You.