Black Spirituality Religion : What are Djinn? Definition & Assessment

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    The Djinn are a spiritual species known about in detail in the Islamic Tradition. These beings were created out of smokeless fire by Allah (glory to the most high). Remember we have the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, the djinn kingdom and the angelic kingdom. Right now we will focus on the djinn. From the Islamic perspective there are both good and bad djinn, like there are good and bad people. Satan was from amongst the djinn in origin. Some biblical scholars say that the angels from the fourth heaven down can fall into the lows of being demonic and miscreants, by free will. Archangels are too highly evolved to descend to the depths of wickedness. You cannot imagine Archangel Michael or Archangel Gabriel doing something bad. If it is destructive it is for the betterment of humanity, for sure.

    Now the djinn have freewill to do as they choose and they receive judgement too. Some of them are very intelligent and they live much longer then human beings. Their lifestyle is quite different too. They often live in dark places such as; holes in the ground, abandoned buildings, deserts, ocean, marshes, latrines, grave yards, animal sheds, trees and many other places, innumerable. These beings are mischeivious and tricky by nature. They also can become greatly angered when deceived by humans. In the Islamic Tradition of Mysticism the venerable elders known as Shaykhs, formulate treaties for clients who are often attacked by the djinn through sorcery or by their personal ignorance. The Shaykh will use a special conjuration to call the djinn to appear in a pleasant appearence. He will negotiate with the djinn to come to a conclusion that will free the human from harm. If the djinn is uncooperative the Shaykh will sometimes destroy the djinn with a suriani conjuration. The wise sufi masters often have relationships with the djinn kings so therefore, they know how to get the job done. Many Shaykhs do not delve into the angelic realm because the frequency of light is so strong it can cause some pain. You must be very pure and if you are doing some underhanded magical practice this will dirty your hands and the holy archangels don't play that. The most important thing is to have a pure heart and be wise. This knowledge mostly is taught through being an adept under a sufi master. There are a few renegades doing somethings based on secrets they buy and that could prove to be harmful and actually deadly. Dabblers who ignorantly experiment with the djinn often wind up in the mental hospital, or on the streets stark raving mad. If you want to study such a science, find a teacher that has genuine love of God and creation. He or she should be an example of being lutf (tender mercy) with divine knowledge and had a teacher that came from a silsilah (chain of shaykhs that go back to prophet Muhammad PBUH)

    The djinn is created from smokeless fire. There are various tribes of djinns. Marid, ifreet, ghoul are some of them. Marid are considered as the most dangerous and rebellious. Ifreet are the giant powerful djinn you often see depicted in movies like Sindbad, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and Alladin. The djinns of folklore who the possessor makes 3 wishes to. Ghouls are djinns that are vampire like and cannabilistic eating human flesh and haunting humans as ghosts. The djinn are like plasma and can also possess humans or animals. This is similar to xrays, in the subtle way the djinn can enter the body of a human. Often individuals are possessed of legions of djinns. In the biblical context, when Yahoshua cast legions of djinns from the man who identified as legion, the djinns left the body of the possessed and entered the swine which fled into the sea. Djinns usually cannot be seen by humans and that is a good thing. Humans would be terrified to see the djinn. Also the sight of the djinn of humans is also distorted they obtain a dim view in their perspective.

    If one studies folklore and history they will see that all indigenous people have names for spirit beings. The djinn is a part of Arabian and Islamic folklore. Also in places like Egypt it is common to hear of individuals being married to the djinn. Sometimes people have children by the djinn. There are ways to conjure djinn to have sex. However, this is very dangerous. When a person is taught Arabian Magic they learn many things, from the positive to the negative polarities. This is why being ethical with heart purification is so important. This is why in the sufi way of study the foundation is becoming hafiz (memorizer) of the Holy Quran. After that the student will learn talisman making, alchemy, sand oracle reading, etc. in certain sufi circles. The most important thing is to have good manners with complimentary wisdom. That is what helps the world and will keep you out of trouble with the djinn.

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    Having said all of this....try and prove just one tenth of it...just 1/10th !!!

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