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Apr 7, 2013
I chuckled at the Mexican guy at the door story. You only need two security devices to protect you and doggie at home, in your vehicle and on the street depending on local firearms laws. A stainless steel S&W Model 625-JM 45 caliber revolver with a Pachmayr Decelerator grip. Use only Hornady 200 grain JHP/JHP cartridges. You must shoot at least 3 bullets daily so you can always have gunshot residue on your hands which negates the suspicion of you having recently fired your weapon with the knowledge you don't practice firing your weapon on a daily basis. Also wipe your prints off your cartridges when loading your weapon. This tactic usually is reserved for citizens that possess pistols but it's best because one never knows what situation will arise. Second a Mossberg 590 Shockwave stainless steel 12 gauge short barrel pump action shotgun with a Pachmayr fore-end grip. Use only Brenneke low recoil TOPAS Sabot slugs. 2 shots daily will acclimate you to the awesome thundering kick. Apply for a concealed weapons permit and let no living human on Earth know you are weaponized. Last tip. If you find yourself in a situation where you might feel threatened but never never never pull your weapon unless you are at the point with no other choice but to shoot your attacker to stop him/her/it. Not shoot to kill but shoot to stop your attacker. Shoot often, shoot accurately and shoot to stop.
Thank you for all that great information on guns. Very detailed. I actually have noticed the Mossberg stainless steel 12 gauge. But an earlier model. The Mossberg is beautiful isn't it? I didn't buy it. I was thinking that big and handsome a weapon would be twirling me all over like a full throttle whipping, run away hose with some one not having a good hold on it. ha ha. I got that pictured. BLAM! "Oh!"(scream) fall backward. "Meowrrrrr!"


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Jun 14, 2018
"Attempted - barred", Yes it means they were caught, prevented, stopped from purchasing guns, maybe even taken in and deported to stay out of the US. Nope they still find a way to get back - even several times. Then illegals find illegal guns to buy, since the legal guns were barred. Not allowed to buy. So they keep a record of those trying to by a gun because it goes in for a background check and are denied. And yet for some, they got away with purchasing guns on the street. Question, for what purpose? Do they plan to shoot each other? Or...
No! You do not get to make up meanings to words. Banned or barred does not mean tried to, nabbed or caught attempting to. It means exactly what it says; prohibited from said action. Is that somehow too hard for you to grasp?
I'll give you a simple way to understand the concept of meta-data. We have x number of people in the US that are banned from buying tobacco products because of age. That total number of x banned people has no relationship to the number of x that are caught trying to break that 'the legal age of sale to' ban except that they come from the larger x bracket set. So if we were to read those x numbers for banned tobacco usage under the same critique as you've applied to the illegal/unlawful alien numbers there wouldn't be any law enforcement agency looking for money because of the fines being paid for ALL the x's that now exist.
Words have meaning. Stick to those understood meanings. Banned or barred does not mean anything beyond the prohibition of said action for x number. It implies nothing else.


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Jun 14, 2018
heh heh heh...funny... but ogoun wants to define banned or barred which I agree with his definition. It's just that I think since the people themselves are "illegal" it might be that they will get picked up when the background check goes through and deported. ogoun, don't you want us to be the three amigos? :bball1::bb::bball:

Well isn't that mighty big of agree with Webster's dictionary.
Now then about this;
There are 7,836,600 mil gun purchases by illegal immigrants.
and this;
Record number of illegals tried to buy guns in the US in 2018
Then this where you expect everyone to visit the Ferris wheel junkies at Fox News with no actual link provided;
I gave the Fox News post name up above where the video wasn't active.
and have the nerve to pretend that is a real answer to any kind of question or attribution for. Here's a reason it isn't available and should I say it BIG LETTERS so you'll hear me? IT'S BECAUSE IT'S A LIE AND A FABRICATION MAKE UP OUT OF THIN AIR. PERIOD! Even the carnival barkers off the midway are too ashamed to keep screaming that lie.

You got to be kidding.
Does it sound like I'm kidding?
Let me divest you that notion.
Do you ever listen to your self-serving pablum at all?
"It's just that I think since the people themselves are "illegal" it might be that they will get picked up when the background check goes through and deported." end quote

Three amigos?
Not in million ages babe.

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