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Apr 7, 2013
Robert Reich's opinion article needs a little adjustment for his agenda driven piece, hoping people take it without question in his effort to establish a Socialist group think. The term, "Banks are too big to fail." was said by President Obama.

Reich said how Socialism is for the rich while the lower workers have to deal with "harsh capitalism." - Oh a cute Pampers ad just popped up with a new born resting on mother looking up to see her face, "Is you my momma?" Robert Reich has found capitalist money to buy ad sponsors for his article. Uh, isn't that a bit of capitalism? Why yes, it is.

He accuses GM and Sears for closing a few stores and laying off employees to their own advantage. Well it's either that or going totally out of business and all the stores close, laying off all the employees. I know that people who buy into Socialist ideology believe corporate businesses should pay part of the granny caretakers from birth to funeral costs. But how is that possible unless the Fed. government wants to subsidize the cost of rent, utilities, wages and the most expensive cost is insurance in case somebody should slip, fall and sue. The cost of buying the products to sell is great because some things don't sell, that is a business loss. Some people think businesses get all that stuff to sell for free, no cost to them. No that is the ongoing problem for business, consumer sales which is always at odds with the inventory excess that didn't sell.

But here is another surprise, when the government pays for anything, they raise your taxes to get that money back. Wage earners are never going to pay back the billions it costs the Socialist governments. That is the exact reason Socialist and Communist countries fail leaving families to abject poverty. Socialist governments impose a hopeless state of the people who can't even imagine lifting themselves to anything better because of all the rules and laws. The bootstraps to lift themselves to a better way of life belong to the government. That is what makes this type of government so ignorant; or, is it actually a knowing totalitarian dictating government that is in it for their own power and gain by having the people work for them? The citizens have to be driven by consequences to keep the tax masters with high officials in their merciless appetite
for power and wealth. There will be projects everywhere on a level of "equality." And there will be spies incase anyone wants a better anything. Take a look at all the models of Socialism gone before. Eventually everything is so bad and even cruel that the dictators are driven out in a bloody battle with the loss of beautiful people citizens, and it takes years to recover and put everything back together.
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Jun 13, 2007
The Republican party is for the rich and the Democratic party pretends to be for the non-rich. This month is my 20 year anniversary of my comment on economics:

I haven't heard any Black leaders suggesting mandatory accounting in the schools for Black kids. Years ago some website claimed the Jesse Jackson had a net worth of $10,000,000.

No change, that does not make sense. I have no idea how accurate these things are.


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Apr 7, 2013
Continuing Robert Reich's Socialist article,

There is a jealousy of the family children for inheriting the CEO's saved money out from the wealth of his fabulous paycheck. First would I want the responsibility of keeping a huge company thriving financially, because all that could go away with a couple bad business decisions. One of those would be "non working," family living the high life which amounts to squandering papa's fortune. Soon gone.

Then I have to ask myself, how does that effect me? The answer is it doesn't. I still get the cheaper brand shampoo off the store shelf regardless of those bickering CEOs on who's going to run the market empire. If one shampoo is overpriced, I and a lot of other people won't buy, and down come the prices -- or the company. They have no power over me, as long as we are a capitalist society.

Reich wants setting rules, more than what we have. He wants, being a Socialist, rules governing property. See? No individual rights. Oh, oh! Well let's take a look at that from the popular Socialists who have signed onto Ocasio Cortez New Green Deal, and do the math:

Medicare for all, doing totally away with other health insurance of any kind. No Choice. $? Guaranteed housing $? Guaranteed jobs $? Free college for all. $? Getting rid of oil industry, gas, and nuclear. Travel, ambulances, military ( I guess we're going to have to have all our wars over here on foot.) tractors for food farming, and specifically AIRPLANES. But she has moved back on that one a little because she wants to see her family. Get rid of cattle because of flatulence, getting rid of the car industry/ constable engines. Now to answer the question of how to pay for this. Ms. Cortez says we will "print more money." And here we were thinking we'd have to grow it on trees. $$$ This is the next ten year plan.

Venezuela printed money to use when they needed more money. It has a 1000% inflation, money not worth it's dollar. Instead of cars a light rail was suggested. It is reported the Light Rail system costs big money every time it moves. Population centers move and rails are set.

These are a few of the Dem presidential hopefuls that have signed on to the "New Green Deal": Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klovarcher, Omar...
Pelosi and Schumer are not speaking against it.

Our Constitution hangs by a thread.
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