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Apr 7, 2013
I admit to teasing ogoun a little, because he is so fun; however, it is never earmarked being personal against the man ogoun, but it has been totally against the message he brings that the U.S. should become a Socialist nation, the USSA. The United Socialist States of America. Kind of reminiscent of the USSR.

One must admit that I have been respectful and actually stayed off Trump bashing threads because I love freedom of opinion and political parties.:) I am never for a party because of a tradition. My choices are because of what is said, or done. Yes Trump's name calling has caused me to dive into the pillows, like I have said. But is he for invasion of ours borders? No. Warren, Ortega and Kamala Harris are. Maybe we should keep this in mind.

Come through the refugee gate and take your turn. There are models everywhere of what mass invasion by immigrants has cost the British, Germany, France and other countries creating economic struggle for them and their citizens by mass immigrant numbers. Now we have even more waves of thousands headed our way. When will we have a plague hit us because evidently there is Tuberculosis among them being mentioned that is resistant to medication?! No cure.

So let's take a look at what the Democrat candidates are generally for thus far:
Seizure of private assets.
Open borders for all.
Full term abortions. (sick)
Rolling back tax breaks on corporations. (Okay, those corporations will take their business out of the country again." Goodbye jobs.)
Roll back to over regulations of oil and steel. (goodbye jobs, prices go up. Already operating with clean ecological management.)
For staying out of Syria's business murdering their citizens and children with chemical bombs.
For calling good bad and bad good. (Pick out a couple things.)
Calling today's Christians Fascists, in reality trying to take down Christianity all together. Is that true?

The Conservative/Republicans are for wealth of their country and their citizens. We already have social programs welfare that increases a check with every family member and child. Then there is Social Security and medicare/medicaid. Anybody out there on Social Security? Because the economists are saying that it will bankrupt the States in a few years. So how does this make you feel about the hemorrhage of more money with Democrat Socialists spending on what these people are campaigning on?

Free college for everyone.
Medicare care for all.
All private insurance should be abolished.


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Jun 14, 2018
The National Science Foundation, NOAA, OTA and the USN finally admitted to the Hill that global warming and climate change is NOT the initial cause of or even contributory cause to the decades old extreme weather anomalies.
Gotta a reference for this 'confession' so we can all read it?
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