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Apr 7, 2013
"Of course, things will never be “normal” again: some of us, the privileged and wealthy, may be afforded the illusion, but this illusion is likely to be carried on the backs of the vast majority who will work harder, longer and for less, suffer greater risks and fewer rewards."............
I read the article fraught with fear of the future and imagination of "revenge" from "vindictive Capitalists" Actually he wants you to fear the future with his gross lies that don't even pretend to be sensible.

We can already know what is happening for the future, that is for those who really want to know and don't have a warped political agenda to trip up the progress of our free market society as it strives to keep us all strong, along with our businesses so everyone has a job to return to.

What kind of jobs would Bernie/Max have lined up for us? Their brand of Government control, their brand of authoritarian rule, nationalizing businesses, and demanding the "sweet taste" of their brand of "freedom," a "demand" for their Communist model getting rid of the engine of any free society to go into a business for themselves.

Haiven belittles the science that capitalism funds as not important enough to have capitalist money for it. Like the race for a vaccine, fund hospital beds at this time of CoronaVirus, masks, as the medical workers on the front line work to help every patient, having a place for them, having the need for more beds, big business repurposing their plants to produce what is needed including masks and ventilators. Haiven's government couldn't even afford to borrow for it.

That article is filled with the false narrative that is coiled like a snake in Haiven's head. Much of what he accuses conservative democrats and Republicans in this article with is his "desperate" run to "Weaponize " his anti- American capitalist freedom to get control of self governing people with their pursuit of happiness for best health and Security that Capitalism can fund.

Want to lose a lot of weight? Follow Haiven's so called freedom model for starvation. Pant's on fire! If this was Haiven's government, do you realize how many people would be dead already? Because in his version of anti-capitalism there would be no money to pay for anything pandemic or even "normal" important medical needs. -- Willa


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Jun 14, 2018
Yeh, well that green paper you're pedaling is only worth what I think it's worth. And in my world it's worth less than toilet paper. So by that measure, it ain't worth squat.

The so called lowly peons of the world create the value added to everything you find so wondrous both from the production end and by the who that buys the whatever. Meanwhile all those golden calves you so admire and worship rob and hoard the value added from all those that slave and pray for some scrap like manna heaven to keep it thus far humming along. But people are starting to wake up to the con game.
So hoard that green to use for toilet paper for all I care it's of no use in the real world and it never has's always been a con game built on theft.


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