Black Poetry : What about the children?


Dec 17, 2007
The Children
But what about the children. That’s what everyone says after the deed has been done. After all the anger and hurt has already been in place they stop and think of the damaged goods that are left behind. They wonder what is left after hurricane hate has left and with it all the innocence. They wonder what has happened to God’s little angels who now act like the devil’s advocate. But they don’t seem to realize that it’s no ones fault but they’re own. They chose to show more anger instead of understanding. Because of course the quick solution always seems like the best solution when in realty they are only creating more destruction. Killing every ounce of hope that used to run freely through the veins of little ones. Breaking the hearts of ones too small to understand that it’s not they’re fault and that it was never about them. But then again maybe that’s the problem. These little beings of perfection were never part of the equation until after the problem was complete. It was never about them yet everyone sits and wonders why wrist that once held veins full of hope now look like checker boards. They sit and wonder why although these cuts may heal the mental ones never will. Photographic memories will always flip back to angry scenes. The amazing brilliance of one destined for greatness will never be known because of one night of sorrow. But instead of looking in the mirror for an answer it’s easier to point the finger, to place the blame on anyone, as long as your not to blame. Only problem is they are the only ones to blame. For their little bundle of joy needed them. Their little bundle of hope depended on them. They forget it’s their little bundle of happiness that was let down. They forget that they are the ones who turned sunny days of happiness and hope into the darkest nights of despair and confusion. They forget that it was always, is always, and should always be about the children.

-Please comment, I appreciate it all.
Peace n Love
yea what about the children

nobody really cares

it's sad

it's all about money

tell me i'm wrong

it's not about society

it's not about me

it's not about you

it's about $$$$$$

now pay me

hey if you don't believe then we wouldn't have child labor laws

now would we?

and i care about the kids

about their future


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