Black Poetry : What’s going On

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    What’s going On

    I respect god so I check odd religions it’s an absurd
    World even birds hurl their wings to fly over things and turds
    From our society, see rocky through our Democracy I heard
    We’re losing it; we need folks to proceed with hope, unknown
    And corrupt are grown-ups in a wild zone child mind blown
    Having to explain everything asinine to be from a broken home
    Must pause I’ve had it Flaws lead me on a path of static can’t refer
    To the laws of mathematics my numbers don’t add up stuff occur
    It’s a hot burden because I’m not certain about the girl I’m dating
    In world debating marriage or not and can’t unfurl player hating
    But think I’m being used after seeing the news on TV I’m skating
    On thin ice the girl been nice but I think its time to move on hesitating
    Is creating problems, got a puny thirst in this universe of human stupidity
    My stats appear proud in the atmosphere of clouds coupled with humidity
    Rap great skills seem to evaporate then condense and form on microphones
    And storm strong when I make it rain like Fat Joe end up a psycho home
    Like Norman Bates awaits for mother yall, ignore all odds cause before
    God we all equal even tall people behind the walls of steeples we hardcore
    Pray, a phenomenon in suspense is a person don’t have common sense until
    Age eighteen on stage with a great team and don’t got it but have fun still
    Look I was taught by tutors while eating had a thought at hooters WW III
    Will be fought with computers but gee the sick unknown is that WW IV
    Will be fought with stick and stones using brick homes that have fallen
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    sho nuff on da real bruh !!!