Black Poetry : Wet Panties & Sweet Dreams


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Apr 7, 2004
Indianapolis, IN
Talkin with baby girl, I realized she wanted to know,
I mean, f#&k general conversation, but how far will I go
Slim, was like , Cut to chase *****, tell me what I want to here
I mean be frank with a sista,
How you gone handle it, if I let you get near.
First thought that came to mind
Was boast and brag about what she mind find
You tell her my dimensions, pub it up
about how I been itchen, to get a sista and
So call beat that **** down,
But being a player, I mean a True Player
Ill leave the okeydoke s#!t for them other clowns
I took a slightly different angle
Took her curiosity and let it dangle.
Grab her right in the mind
With a little innuendo
About starting from behind
Told her feel between her legs
Rain wouldn’t leave a wetter spot
Then she’d find,
Only to get her attention
Want speak on how good I am
But on good my good intentions
I have thoughts of you and I
Setting an incredible pace
Vivid pictures of sweat splashing
From our exotic race
Clothes Clinging
Bodies Tingling
Pure Sensation
Anxious than a m#th@f*&k
No hesitation
Want think twice
Brotha will just do
Want worry about where we’re headed
Only how you feel when we’re thru
Do you feel dead tired,
If not then the show goes on
Are saturated with sweat
Well we got a few more moans,
Are you truly a believer,
If not Ill try harder
Are you anticipating round two?
Because it’s ready to order
I know, I know,
Whats all this mean,
Well, Im a goal setter
And mine for you
Is Wet Panties
And sweet dreams!



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Apr 28, 2005
oooo that was hot. shall we moan! lol jus kidding* snaps i like your dream for her


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
remind me of a wet dream mixture this was tyte

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