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    Jan 31, 2001
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    Chicago-In the WatchTower
    Driving thru the heart of the west side
    In the city of Chicago where I reside
    Burn out building and vacant lots
    Some folks are just satisfied with what they got
    Selling crack, and weed
    To folks in need
    Of a hit and a high
    I ask Lord why
    Must some of us commit suicide?
    While the rest commit racial genocide
    In the hood we accept things for what they are
    Many of us never wish upon that shooting star
    But a wish I made one summer day
    After Jimmie got killed standing in the gangway
    I knew it was time for me to change my thinking
    Stand up to life’s challenges instead of shrinking
    Be a man and not a punk
    I don’t have to give into the stereotypical junk
    All of us are not dead or in jail
    But many of us learned to do real well
    Beat the streets, before it beat us
    Our motto became in God we trust
    Not the dollar, but the one who guides my destiny
    Who always tell me let your mind stay free
    No chains holding me
    I don’t live in defeat
    I just live by the words he speak
    So I return to the streets
    To help folks like me
    Who just need to hear, its time to be free.
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    ye indeed watcher

    free at last
    free at last
    thank GOD almighty
    i'm free at last
    from the myth of da street
    from the thoughts of being beat
    i fear not in da hood
    where my *** once stood
    being a man
    reaching back
    wit no slack
    racking my mind
    coz i'm doing fine
    i preach dis motion
    in a notion
    ya reality check is on point man!!
    we all gotta make a stand wit a
    common plan.......thank u