Chief Elder Osiris : Wesite for FWIOAM/SRM

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    Wesite for FWIOAM/SRM

    Hoteph Beloved sisters and brothers:

    Beloved I invite you to go and visit our Web Sight, The Firat way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement, a product that was born from our June 24th Gathering.

    Here is a Web Sight where the truth will be available to you concerning what we Black folks must do to save a dying Black Nation, a web sight that is influenced by the philosophy and opinon of that great prophet, The Honorable Marcus Garvey and whose philosophy and opinion is advanced to further reveal the Truth about what we Black folks are confronted with in the world and seem to have us confused and divided against each other.

    I invite you to visit our sight and voice your thoughts and concerns as they pertain to the problems and condition Black Folks are Victims of.

    I must inform you that he Web sight is still being worked on but it is up and running and I invite you to be my Guest to the FWIOAM / SRM Ancient Afrikan Cosmic Menthological Spirituality, Philosophical, Theological, Political, Reparation, Repatriation, New Afrikan State In Afrika, United Black Nation, Afrika for The Black Afrikan Kingdom.

    Please, the Web sight address is below.

    Here Is Loving you



    Chief Elder

    The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation movement.