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Aug 9, 2003
There was and is a difference between outlooks etc. reflective of having a 'house' or 'field' background...'House' as in less physical effort and more brainpower to get things done...'Field' as in (alleged) less brainpower/more physical effort...Actually the divide reflects the needs and wants of our mutual exploiters and oppressors...

We just play with the hands we were or are dealt...

Obama did and does too:

So there's the illusions bred of white racist mythology, as contrasted with actually being a rich mulatto inheritor, etc...

Add in not being all that knowledgeable about white history and/or not that objective about the history etc. or those other parties...

So just who does Obama truly represents to various parties among the voters may well determine if he gets a second term as the president of this nation...


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