Black Spirituality Religion : Were There People Of The Scriptures A Part Some Secret Society

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    Yes , Remember The Story Of Cain And Abel ? That whole story The Offering was About Trying To Get Into A Mytic Order that was brought to The Planet TA ( Earth ) by The Neteru . In The 4th Chapter Of Genesis , The First Sacrifices made by Abel ( Son Of Kadmon , Meaning '' Up Front '' . Zakar Meaning '' Remember'' . Adam Meaning '' Of The Ground , Earthling '' . And Nekaybaw Meaning '' Tribal Leader '' . Hawwah Meaning Mother Of All Living '' .

    In All Honesty , Were for him to be initiated into The Order Of Zodoq , Which is The Ancient And Mystic Order Of Melchizedek ( Malachi Zodoq Or Malkiy - Tsedeq . In Aramic / Hebrew Meaning ''' Angel Or Ruler Of Righteousness '' . Thus , Cain . whose offering was not Respected because he did not offer the best of his flock To The Neteru ( Guardians ) , Was Initiated Into Another Order , ''' The Order Of Nanna , Sin ,

    Kadmon , Son Of Atum And Lillith / Nakaybaw , Daughter Of Ptah And Anath / Cain / Abel Son's Of Kadmon And Nekaybaw . ( Cain 15 Years Old , And Abel 12 Years Old Grow Apart . -- But when Kadmon saw that the elder brother hated the the younger , he endeavored to soften their hearts , for the day of the great initiation was near . Kadmon said unto Cain , take O my son , of the fruits of your sowing , And make an offering unto A'Lyun A'Lyun El .

    That he May enter you into the order of Zodoq . He said also to Abel, Take of your sowing and make an offering and bring it to A'Lyun A'Lyun El that you may be entered in to The Order of Zodoq and not the order of Nanna . Sin . The Abel hearkened unto his father's voice , and he took of sowing and made a good offering , and he said to his father , Kadmon , Come with me , and show me how to be accepted , and for my offering to be accepted . They went , Kadmon was in the cave in which Nekaybaw was with him .

    And they showed him how to prepare the meal for the offering and he did offer his gift knowing how to offer it up . They went , Kadmon and Kekaybaw with him , and they showed him how to offer up his gift before the altar . Then after that they stood up and prayed that A'Lyun A'Lyun El would respect Abel's offering and accept ABEL into the order . Then A'Lyun A'Lyun El looked upon Abel , and he respected his offering .

    A'Lyun A'Lyun El was more pleased with Abel and he accept him . He was now the son of the Aluhum , the child of the Green Light . Because of his good heart and pure body . There was no trace of guile in him . Then they came down from the altar . They went into the cave in which they dwelt . But Abel by reason of his joy having made his offering . He Repeated It 3 Times A Week .

    After the example of his father Kadmon , But at the end of the day later in time . What happened was Cain , entered the presence of the Akuhum ; In an attempt to be accepted in the order of Zodoq . And he presented a meal as a tribute , an initiation ceremony ; From the ground for Nusqu Gabriy'El Yahuwa , ( Who Had No Respect For It ) . And he was not accepted into the order of Zodoq .

    It Was Was Not The Best Of His Crop . This Made Cain Hot With Anger , And It Showed As His Face Fell Into A Frown . For He Took No Pleasure In The Offering ; And His Eye Was Again On It . Therefore , A'Lyun A'Lyun El . Did Not Accept His Offering Because His Thought Was Full Of Murderous Thoughts . And He Was Later To Be Accepted Into The Order Of Nanna . Sin .

    For Haamartieeah Son Of Apolia . And He Waited For The Availlability Of His Soul . They Did Welcome Him Into The Order Of The Amber Light , Fire . Upon Entrance Through The Door The Kneeling , Hamarteeh Greeted Him Cain Was A Worthy Candidate , For This Disagreeable Order , And There He Was Accepted . Thus , They All Lived Together In The Cave In Which Nekaybaw Had Brought Forth . Until Cain Was 15 Years Old , And Abel 12 Years Old .

    Aaron Was A Member Of The Order Of The Priesthood
    Number 18;1 ( Modern Hebrew Script ) And I Quote ;
    < Wa > and Yahuwa < Aw-Mar > said unto < A -Har-One > Aaron . You and your < Bane > Sons < Wa > and your < Ab > father < Bah-Yith > house with you will < Naw-Saw > Carry , bear the < Aw-Wone > Iniquity of your < Keh-Hoon-Naw >
    And A Yahuwa Said To Aaron , You And Your Sons And Your Father's House With You Will Carry The Iniquity Of The Holy Place Sanctuary ; And You And Your Sons With You Will Carry The Iniquity Of Your Priesthood .

    < Aaron , Son Of Amram And Jochebed / Abraham , Son Of Terah And Nuwna >
    Abraham [ Ab ( Heart ) - Ra - ( Sun Deity ) - Ham ( Kemet Or Kham - For Blackness Or Majesty ( Heart Of The Majesty Of Re ) Was A Member The Order Of Zodoq .

    The Council Of The Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizedek Convened And Yashua Stood Before The Hierophant And Exclaimed . '' Rabboni Of The Rabbinate , Why Seek For Wisdom In The Hall Of Learning I Would Sit . The Heights That Any Man Has Gained These I Would Gain The Grieves . The Disappointment And The Sore Temptation Of My What Any Man Has Suffered I Would Meet , That I May Know Brother Man , That I May Know Just How To Succor Those In Need I Pray You Brother , Let Me Go Into Your Dismal Crypts , And I Would Pass The Hardest Of Your Tests . The Master Said ; Take Then The Vow Of Secret Brotherhood , '' And Yashua Took The Vow Of Secret To The Ancient And Mystic Order Of Melchizedek .

    Yashu'a ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) was also A member of The Order Of The Essene . He lived within A community . There have been many different accounts written in which people have spoken about The Essene , But little truth is known about this strictly spiritual community . The Order Of The Essene Was made of men who remained to themselves from other Societies , but they never give you the real depth of an Essene .

    The Essenes are called by many names , Such as The Magi , The Elders , The Wisemen , Hanif , Etc , Communites of The Essene were set up all around the world , but all are linked together as one . There were also different School Of Thought , Meaning each has A Master over it and they were taught A slightly different doctrine depending on where they were from . The Essenes , who were Therapeuts '' On Who Ministers ,

    As They Were called in TAMA-RE ( Egipt ) , Were the ones behind The Scenes To Bring King David , Son Of Jesse and Hilmah back to life in the privacy of the palace . They had created A massive Plot to disrupt the leadership that had taken place in Jerusalem by what they called The Children Of Darkness . They also assisted from behind The Scene Yashu'a
    ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) In All Of His Undertakeings .

    The Eassenes were behind Yashua's whole life . Their Their Order , The Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizdek called The Son's Of The Desert , received their rituals from from Tama - Reye ( Egipt ) And Sumerian practices . They were holders of Great Mysteries within their order and much symbolism was used within their community . They were the ones who gathered to record and preserve The Scriptures Of Old In Canisters .

    The site of The Essenes was called Zion , or simply the little Jerusalem away from Jerusalem . The Magi were A group of Mystics known by many different names . They lived in communities set up all around the world . These Magi or Wisemen were linked together as one through the order of The Essenes . The Essenes were very strict observing daily prayers , foretelling the future and being well learnt in the scriptures , Logging the motion and movement of the Stars .

    The Essenes followed the Levitical purity laws strictly and avoided contamination by the outside world . They saw the Jerusalem of their day governed by the Pharisees , the Sadducees , the Sanhedrin and the false Kohen Priest as children of wickedness . Thus , they removed themselves to the mountains of the Jordan to form the New Jerusalem , Mount Zion . They received their laws from Leviticus one of the scroll received by Moses . They Kept Themselves Isolated And Lived For , , Of And By Each Other .

    No one had individual had property and they all shared in the ownership rights . If one member visited another community he or she was treated with utmost hospitality and concern . Their livelihood was sowing and planting . Some were herdsmen , bee keepers , writers and healers . Some worked as handicrafts , writers and healer using roots and herbs . They raised the locust plant which was a part of their diet . This is the same locust which Yuhanna the baptist ate in the wilderness with wild honey ,

    The Essenes were ascertic and advocated a vegetarian diet . Some of the Essenes were astrologers . Their system of astrology has passed on from the Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizedek , of which they were a branch . They were to log the birth of an individual . This was called solar biology , For you would not only be what sign you were born under ,

    ( But Because Your Father Was One Sign And Your Mother Another Sign , The 33 And 1/3 Chromosome That Come Through Your Father Put His Sign Into You . And The 33 And 1/3 Chromosome That Come From Your Mother Put Her Sign In You , And Then The 33 And 1/3 That Makes Up The Sign You Were Born Under Means That Each Person Is Born With 3 Signs Equally Manifesting In Their Character The Essenes Believe In Selective Birth For Selected Characters So The Essenes Were Holders Of Great Mysteries Within Their Order And Much Symbolism Was Used Within Their Community . )

    It Is Said That Archeologist Have Found Between Jericho , Masada , And Qumran . A Commuity Type Of Living In An Oasis , An Oasis Is A Fertile Or Green Spot In A Desert Or Wasteland Made By The Presence Of Water . Upon Finding The Dead Sea Scroll Between The Years Of 1951 A.D. And 1956 A.D. Archeologists Excavated These Ruins Which Proved To Be Headquarters Of A Close Knit Family Or Community .

    In The Ruins They Found Agricultural Implements Such As Pruning Hooks . Large Quantities Of Date Seeds And Charred Remains Of Palm Tree Trunks Used As Ceiling Beams . The Agriculture Station Found Indicate That '' The Brotherhood Of The Essene Had A Large Amount Of Land Under Cultivation And It Was Irrigated By Water From Numerous Springs In The Area .

    Yashu'a ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) . As An Essene Had The Position Of A Priest , And Priest Were Not Allowed To Marry However , Jesus Became Very Fond Of Mary Of Magdalene , Who He Had Exorcied Of Seven Demons ( Mark 16;9 ) . And Married Her In The Year 28 A.D. In Cana In Galilee , Where The Reception Took Place In Bethany At Yashu'a / Jesus Own House At Age 29 .

    He And His Wife Left To Go Study At The Mystical Schools In Jordan Amongs The Essenes And To Visit His Cousin . Yuhanna Al Mikwah ( John The Baptist ) . Son Of Zacharia And Elizabeth . However , Because The Essenes Considered Him Too Opinionated , He Was Temporarily Outcasted From The Order . The Reason Why This Was Not Recorded Was Because The Essenes Vowed Celibacy ; And It Would Have Been A Travesty To Hear That One Of Their Own Had Defected And Married Other Than With The Approval Of The Rabb,

    The Head Of The Order For The Sole Purpose Of Reproduction . Yashu'a And Mary Of Madalene Had A Son , Who They Named Simon , And Became Known As Bar Jesus ( Acts 13;6 ) . A Great Pain To Yashua ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) , For He Did Not Respect His Father's Wishes . Members Of The Essene Brotherhood Rescued '' Yuhanna Al Mikwah And His Mother Elizabeth And Brought Them To Zoan When Herod The Great Slew Zacharia Because He Refused To Reveal The Whereabouts Of His Son Yuhanna Al Mikwah ( John The Baptist Spent Half Of His Life With The Essenes And The Other Half By Himself In The Wilderness .

    ( Simon Bar Jesus Son Of Yashu'a And Mary Magdalene / Mary Magdalene Wife Of Yashu'a ( Jesus ) / Yuhanna Al Mikwah ( John The Baptist ) Zacharia , Father Of Yuhanna ( John The Baptist ) Elizabeth , Mother Of Yuhanna ( John The Baptist ) . Jesus Also Had Association With The Knights Templar . And Their Order Considered Him A Brother Knight In Which They Help A Great Secret As Found In A Book Book Called '' Genesis , The First Book Of Revelations '' By David Wood , Page 113 ,

    If Jesus Survived , If Magdalene Was The Wife . If He Had Children And If They Fled From Jerusalem To The Languedoc . The Many Apparently Unrelated Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together . I Feel Certain We Will Find The Evidence We Need In The Secret Locations Of The Geometric Temple At Rennes - Le - Chateam . I Am Also Convinced That This Was Known To The Vatican . That They Censored The Gospels . Almost Out Of Recognition , Is Generally Agreed , But There Is Every Possibility That They Shut The Gate Only To Find That The Horse Had Already Gone . There Is Much To Suggest That This Was Not Fully Realized Until Evidence Came To Light That The Knights Templar Held A Great Secret . The Knights Templar Considered Jesus To Be A Brother Knight .

    The Knights Templar . Who were known as A Religious Military Order Of Knighthood , Devoted themselves to the protection of Pilgrims who Migrated to The Holy Land . The heart of The Old Knights Templar was in A Country Town called Rennes-Le-Chateau in France legends are deep within this French Community . One of which is surrounding The Ark Of The Covenant . The Ark was believed to have been removed by The Templars at The Time Of The Crusades . However . There was No Ark Found , And The Knights Templar Arrived In Jerusalem and claimed their Mission In The Holy Land Was In Search Of The Ark Of The Covenant .

    It's Not The Things One Knows That Get One In Trouble , It The Things One Know That Just Isn't So That Gets Him / Her In Trouble / And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish :geek: