Black People : We're Not Fighting Under Unusual Odds

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    Where the Niger meets the Nile
    One of King's famous quotes goes
    To paraphrase
    So even at the height of the civil rights movement apathy was something they had to deal with. When we look around and see the potential of so many peple if they worked together then face the reality that they probably won't it can be discouraging. It can be disheartening.

    We could look at the sixties as some kind of golden age where all Black people worked toward the Cause. But this was not so. So take heart my brothas and sistas. We have the advantage of hindsight. We can see the cycle of advancement and setback clearly. First slavery followed by remarkale political and educational gains during "Reconstruction," then Jim Crow followed by the Civil rights movement. And now what we are experiencing is just the low swing of the same old cycle.

    Some kinda way we have to break out of the cycle on the upswing. I don't think whites want the cycle to continue now. I think their goal is anihilation. They want us to go out like the cro-magnon. We value the past and the great things we did to start civilization. They value the future and see their usurption of our heritage as the survival of the fittest. We have to go for the gusto this time.

    We know that what we are in is a cycle and that our ancestors labored under the same circumstances we see now. So we know that we can work under those circumstances and we can create great gains while tailoring our movement to avoid their mistakes and meet the needs of the twenty first century.