Black Poetry : Well Meant Derivatives


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Apr 23, 2009
Well Meant Derivatives

When will the media get off the throne
Of Political Correctness and finally move on
To uniting behind our present administration
And make strides towards healing our world and nation

When will our so call Christian society
Get beyond their projected false Christianity
It’s easy to subscribe to Pharisee-like distortion
Concerning issues from gay- rights to abortion

We sound off loud about issues like that
And whether it’s right or wrong heatedly debate the fact
Yet when we brazenly become the attorneys for God
On how he feels about things then to me it gets hard

In one dimensional thinking we want to punish them
But the part of living peacefully with all men
We tend to conditionally limit to live like us
Or get your buns off the religious bus

And the media these hot button items press
Keeping our society in a literal mess
Stepping across the boundaries of journalism
With incongruent opinionism

When dictators disguised as journalists use
As a platform the media to slant the news
And the networks pay them well to do it
No wonder some of nation’s citizens say screw it

And they seek short cuts to achieving their hopes and dreams
Wading through dark and murky streams
Disguising their misguided efforts under the schism
Of the well meant derivatives of Patriotism

H. Wilson


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
very nice piece yo pen is awesome

Lataisha Nicole

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Aug 1, 2008
West Palm Beach Fl, aka, the bottom
Sickle Cell Foundation/ making the world a better
Yes poet, many lives have been slain in the name of God.
Many hearts and lives destroyed in the name of peace.
I guess it will all stop when "we" as a people stop believing that it really is peace and God's will.

Wonderful write poet! Hopefully your write and others like it, will get the ball rolling. Bless!

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