Black People : We'll Know That Race No Longer Matters...


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
We'll Know That Race No Longer Matters ...

1. When the prostate cancer rate for African-American men is no longer 10 times what it is for Korean-American men.

2. When Black folk stop treating immigrant Latinos like white people in Mississippi treated them.

3. When Black women stop using weapons of mass destruction to straighten their hair.

4. When prison populations look like America instead of slave ships.

5. When abandoned Black kids in our back yards get adopted before Chinese and Russian children overseas.

6. When magazine covers featuring dark-skinned people no longer depress sales.

7. When the Black unemployment numbers cease to be a multiple of the white unemployment rate.

8. When real estate agents no longer ask me to leave and remove family pictures before showing my house.

9. When sperm banks stop shipping their product in color-coded vials.

10. When Chris Rock gets puzzled silence instead of belly laughter.

11. When the projected date for full housing integration between Blacks and whites ceases to be more than 100 years from now.

12. When Tim McVeigh look-alikes - tall angry-looking white dudes with buzz cuts - get profiled and rounded up like Black suspects.

13. When Black Court of Appeals judges in suits no longer get mistaken for bellhops.

14. When the word "genocide" gets dropped from Webster's.

15. When Black sports ignoramuses get fired for saying the same stupid stuff that white sports ignoramuses get fired for.

16. When white ex-cons no longer get more job call-backs than crime-free Blacks with the same resumes.

17. When Steven Glass' serial fabrications prompt questions about white male qualifications the way Jayson Blair's did about Black journalists' qualifications.

18. When the perjury of a white thief can no longer send 15% of a town's Black residents to prison for 400 years on false drug charges (like in Tulia, Texas).

19. When white people stop exclaiming how articulate I am.

20. When Shoshanna Johnson gets the same book and movie deal enjoyed by Jessica Lynch.

And finally...when statistics like this are measurable because the disparities are gone...


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