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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
I was just thinking
how interwoven we were
when you were no more than
spiritual smoke
I inhaled into my soul
as the embers of you
burned slow and deliberate inside me
down to a soft dark soothing rich soot
I bathed my entire essence in
making me “far too beautiful”
and appearing “imaginary”
nothing pressed against our bones
which allowed our love to push itself through our veins
and flow freely
so we together could traverse any situation
just by thinking of the other
and the air’s aroma was fresher and sweeter
when the wind skipped through the leaves
because we could feel our tether strengthening
it was so easy then
to soul communicate through
your voice
and my vibe
not letting the distraction of others
deter us from doing what comes natural

This is Love, too.

All love,
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