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personally I enjoyed the piece. You got to strike when the iron is hot. sure this could have been suga coated this but would the passion have been received.

I like the way you brought it. this is a very controversial topic in our community. Kem I like what you said as well. I am heading to the forum and check it out. My two sisters and myself were dependant on those checks for a while they put food on the table. Never once did my mother tell us this was a way of life. She used it because she had to. I give my mother mad props because she raised us to be strong,independant women. Got a good paying job, went to school to receive her RN degree, all while keeping us in line. I sometimes wonder if the system wasn't available what would have happened to us.

Kem, I think you maybe correct on the dialect. Maybe that's what bothered him. I don't know, maybe I should ask him.
I'm on my way to the forum. It'll be a very interesting forum.

Zorb, You're right there are many of us who have been in the system, but as you said your mother used it until she get on her feet and left it behind for bigger and better things.(another success story of a strong black woman) No condition is permanent unless we make it permanent. I agree with you concerning what would've happen had the system not been there. It does help.

Shaneak, I'm sorry if this poem comes across as if I'm judging. It wasn't my intention.

Dnommo, lol....danks fo feel'n me, yous aight!:)

Reason, The feeling is mutual. I've read some of your work and I enjoyed every word.

So'ja, So true.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

MadLove:heart: Coco

NO apologies needed. That is your perception which is fine. I look at it every time I go home. But what is there for me to say. That's what they know...so go wit what you know. Just don't feel a need to comment on it. Because it isn't just our kind who gets down like dhat anyway....


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