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May 25, 2001
Sixburgh, Pa.
Spreading Joy.... need some?
LOOT twice a mont.
Access card, always gat my grub.
Hell! I's gat da bombest healf card.
Dis projec I's liv'n in ain't cos'n me a dayum thang.
I ain't gotta NO ****! Dis J O B be hea fo'eva,
all's I gotta do is sit on my *** and collec.
Dey be diss'n me, play'n me, say'n I's gotta be
down dat dayum caseworkas office or
I ain't gonna gat my LOOT. Hell!
Dis all I's gotta do fo all dis LOOT?
****, fo'gat all ya'll,
I's keep'n my welfare J O B.

(This isn't in all cases, but it's reality for some):(

A sigh of relief

Kem, I decided to write that at the end of my poem, because I read this to a friend who I thought would understand I wasn't putting down people, but only depicting some cases. Well, he was offended by it and didn't think it was funny at all. I took it has some people find it difficult to see the bad in their people. I feel you can be for your people without being blind to the wrong they may do. I tried to explain to him that I wasn't putting down or making fun of anyone. I was only reading about what I've seen and heard FIRST HAND. My Aunt is a retired Caseworker and her husband was the Director of a district Welfare office. I've had lunch with them numerous times and while waiting for them I view such sad things from braiding their boyfriends hair right there in the office, children there in their pajamas while their mothers were dressed to the T, arguements with caseworkers concerning why they weren't receiving their money or foodstamps, my Aunt being call out of her name. I could go on and on forever. When my Aunt used to tell me situations that happened at work and talked about how bad some people were I used to think she was just being uppity, until I witness it with my own 2 eyes. That guy and I are nolonger conversing, but I believe sooner or later he will see under a different light than he is now.
I thank you for your reply and seeing my poem for what it is instead of what you think it should be. Tho, I feel you're A LOT more HARSH, but hey! Some people need that to snatch them into reality.

Blak, Thank you. Your approval means a lot to me. :)
There was great hesitation in posting this piece.

MadLove:heart: to you both, Coco


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