Black People Politics : Welcome to Uniontown: Arrowhead Landfill Battle a Modern Civil Rights Struggle

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    ( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
    AMERICA..AMERICA.. you are just dumping on our people.
    You have your regulations. you have your laws in place. You have some state officials that will sell out their own race.

    But what your doing is poisoning folks. If you live in that state. Then money walks and bullshiite talks. Then your getting poisoned too.The EPA hasn't done their job. They are bought and paid for clowns.

    Companies and government pretending like they sent all the dangerous manufacturing to China. You liar's it's still here and all around. Creating things to sell is all you have really done.

    China is actually toxic but their government doesn't care. Electricity used here. Yes we have a need. What we don't want is the pollution. I know one day i'll die. But your increasing my chances. Like a Ferris wheel. Going round , around. Each chair has something bad for us to swallow and take down. Alternative ways to get the same thing done exist. The problem the cheap way retains you more cash. So it is dirt manufacturing and everyone is turning their head.

    They pretend it didn't happened but the people are dead. We need to live pollution free, your smoke and pollution blocking out the sun. Oh shame... Oh GOD... Oh GOD...shame on you man. To pollute and be in bed. With someone. That could care less not in my back yard. we own this land its ours to destry. It's wrong you know that and you don't deserve what you got. there are laws, but the money and you all up in the pot. With powerful interest just for cash because you need the bread. If your dumping this stuff. You think your smart. Putting it in Black neighborhoods because you both live far apart.

    What you have never learned from your past dumping concerns. It all ends up like NY Love Canal.

    All up in yours and others too. Polluted water , and playgrounds and toxic minds too.

    Deformities and cancer you that isn't right. But for the money you sell your soul.

    You are making a Faustian bargain.
    ( English Etymology . From the medieval legend of Faust, who made a contract with the devil, exchanging his soul for worldly gains. )

    You have sold your soul in kind. Your taking everyone else to hell with you so your pockets will be lined.

    Welcome to Uniontown: Landfill Battle a Modern Civil Rights Struggle

    As Esther Calhoun sees it, discrimination, rooted in the acts of many, has turned this wisp of a town into a dumping ground. Thirty miles from Selma, a different kind of civil rights struggle.

    Welcome to Uniontown: Arrowhead Landfill Battle a Modern Civil Rights Struggle
    Alabama's biggest waste dump inflicts misery on residents of Uniontown, whose complaints to the EPA have gone unheeded

    UNIONTOWN, Alabama — As Esther Calhoun sees it, discrimination, rooted in the acts of many, has turned this wisp of a town into a dumping ground.

    Alabama's biggest municipal-waste site sits on a county road dotted by well-worn homes. Despite objections from a largely African-American neighborhood in Uniontown, the 1,000-acre landfill was approved by a county commission, and operating permits have been issued time and again.

    "If this had been a rich, white neighborhood, the landfill would never have gotten here," said Calhoun, whose sharecropper and slave ancestors toiled on local plantations, explaining why so many of her fellow citizens view the facility as discriminatory.

    "They put it here because we're a poor, black community," she said. "They knew we couldn't fight back."

    In the last decade, little has roused this town in the heart of Alabama's "black belt," 30 miles west of Selma, like the Arrowhead Landfill, a sprawling dump capable of collecting thousands of tons per day of household garbage, industrial waste and other debris — including coal ash, an often-toxic byproduct of coal-fired electricity — from more than half the nation.
    A Terrible Place to Put a Landfill'

    In Uniontown, where residents live within a four-mile ring of what they call "the mega-landfill," as well as a cheese plant, a catfish mill and a sewage lagoon, they just want somebody, anybody, to help. Situated in the southwest corner of Perry County, among the state's poorest, the city stretches approximately a mile and a half across rural terrain, its streets replete with rusty trailers, sagging porches and boarded-up buildings. Eighty-eight percent of its 2,449 residents are African-American, according to the Census Bureau's 2013 estimate.

    Short on jobs, the city has a median household income of $13,800. Once booming with businesses — furniture outlets, drug stores, shoe shops — its Main Street boasts little more than a supermarket and a restaurant. Dozens of storefronts sit vacant; the lone bank was shuttered in June.