Welcome Home Family !!! We're On Our New Server !!!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Destee, Oct 30, 2003.

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    Hello Family !!!!

    :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

    We're Back Home !!! WoW !!! I've missed you all so much !!!! :love:

    Thank you for your patience !!!!!! It was pretty rough going for a moment there, but God is Good and all is well!!!

    You will probably notice several little things on the forum that need to be corrected, changed or perhaps are even missing. Don't worry, i'm aware. During this down time we upgraded our forum software from version 2.2.5 to 2.3.2, and i need to make some cosmetic adjustments because of this.

    Give me a moment to come down off of this mountain of anxiety i've been climbing the past few days and i'll take care of these things. We are also going to be doing another upgrade of our forum software soon, but that experience won't be anything like this one was. The hard part is over !!!! Whew!!!

    I want to especially thank those of you who thought enough of this community to share your money to help us live and grow. Because of you we are on a new server. I am very honored. For those who have not yet contributed, please know that we still need your help, as our monthly costs are more now than ever.

    I love you all so much !!!!

    Welcome Home !!!! :love: